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Long live SCSI with Serial Attached

marzo 19, 2020

Long live SCSI with Serial Attached logomacitynet1200wide 1

The SCSI Trade Association begins to promote the new standard called "Serial-Attached SCSI" which has just brought together a large group of companies: Adaptec, Compaq, Crossroads Systems, Dell, Eurologic Systems, Fujitsu Limited, HP, Hitachi America, Ltd., IBM, I-TECH Corp., KnowledgeTek, LSI Logic, Marvell Technology Group Ltd., Maxtor, Molex, QLogic, Seagate, ServerWorks Corp., Silicon Image and Western Digital.The technical specifications, to be paid by INCITS T10, will be announced in May, for the moment it is known that it will be able to operate over long distances (10 Km). After having first implemented the original SCSI as standard in its computers, Apple has definitively chosen FireWire, with the release of the first PowerMac G3 , leaving as a build to order option the interface now suitable especially for the professional world or servers. The problem of SCSI is not the efficiency and speed, but the lack of convenience for the connection and the high cost of the memories of mass. In a few months Apple will present a faster version of Firewire that can compete on the speed plane with the current top SCSI interfaces on the market.

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