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Lightning LeTouch cables, the Lightning cables you have never seen

The market dominated by third-party Lightning cables, now made in dozens of different sizes and shapes that satisfy even the most particular needs. Our editorial staff has recently had the opportunity to touch some LeTouch models with their own hands, which differ from the mass for originality as in the case of the wooden and leather version, or for constructive perculiarity in the case of the model with flat cable or nylon .

The cables are 120 cm long except for the anti-tangle version with the flat cable, 150 cm long. They therefore exceed all 90-100 centimeters, a standard measure adopted by most third-party manufacturers. They are very robust, well made in materials and, according to our tests carried out by means of a digital ammeter, they are able to carry the same amperage as the original Apple cables.

The MFI certification therefore confirms that each of the models under test can be used both for charging and for data synchronization, also following future software updates that normally invalidate low quality cables that do not offer any official certification.

The longest, the 150 cm model, offers a flat cable, very flexible and, due to its physical shape, more suitable for resisting tangles, therefore perfect if you want to leave it in your bag or in the glove compartment of the car without paying too much attention to it.

Among the other 120 cm long models, we had a closer look at the version with a nylon mesh coating for the sheath and aluminum cover on the connectors, a choice that greatly increases the final strength of the cable without affecting the thickness or on flexibility. Cen also another with the entire nylon sheath, here too a choice that aims to improve resistance to twists and tangles.

All the connectors of these three models are small, therefore widely compatible with most of the housings currently available on the market. A separate discussion should instead be made for the cable that uses wood to cover the connectors and braided leather for the sheath. Here the connectors are slightly larger and we are dealing with a reversible socket also with regard to the USB plug. In fact, if the Lightning connector is already reversible, the orientation with which the USB plug is inserted into the socket of the computer or of a power supply is also indifferent.

All cables are on sale on Amazon, starting from 9.99 euros for the model with 150cm long flat cable. To go up, with 10.49 euros you can take home the version with nylon sheath, 10.99 euros for the one with nylon mesh and finally, with 14.99 euros, you buy the most particular model in wood and leather with reversible USB connector.