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Kuvée, the hi-tech bottle with display that maintains the organoleptic properties of wine

Kuve presented a bottle of wireless wine that promises to keep the wine as uncorked. The operation is quite simple: laKuve is nothing more than a sort of hi-tech casing, which wraps the "real" bottle of wine and allows users to obtain additional information on what they are drinking, such as the origin of the grape, the production cellar, organoleptic characteristics and a whole series of information accessible through the touch screen positioned outside the Kuve.

Unfortunately for the technology not compatible with traditional bottles but it can only be used with proprietary bottles sold on the storeKuve (accessible directly from the Kuve touch screen). These are made of metal and described as "impermeable to oxygen": the wine sealed in a bag inside the bottle, and the bag is reduced in size as the wine is poured. Thanks to this invention, the oxygen and air that come into contact with the wine once the bottle is opened are in very limited quantities, which should allow the drink to keep at its best longer than normal bottles.

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The mechanism therefore allows you to be able to open several bottles of wine at the same time, with the certainty of being able to taste them as if they were just open until the next 30 days. Unfortunately laKuve seems to have only five or six hours of battery life, which will require you to load the bottle often. +

In addition to the rest at the moment from the description, it seems not very simple to adapt to all markets because apparently the metal bottle also serves information, on the type of wine, the winemaker, the history of the vine, to an external display and this information is coded inside the metal bottle. it is clear that this information is not essential (any wine can be poured into the bottle), but it is an important part of the experience and a part of the cost of the product itself.

In addition to what Kuve apparently plans to sell wine and metal bottles with wine inside. It is difficult to think that in our latitudes someone might be interested in buying wine from a company that produces a smart bottle …

But even if we do not know if this "hi-tech" turnaround for the storage and administration of wine satisfies everyone, especially wine enthusiasts and lovers that the idea that the wine comes from a metal container will probably shiver, we are still in front of a curiosity. If you are among those who are attracted more by the solutions adopted than by their outcome, you can go to the campaign on Indiegogo, there is little time left but the company has already reached and abundantly exceeded the $ 50,000 expected to be able to carry out the project, running out of available units in super-offer, which started at $ 179. Now the minimum expense to buy it of $ 229. Below the video presentation.