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Know all about the G4

Know all about the G4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Over the past few years, Apple has released many computer models generically called "G4". Many of them, at least at first glance, appear absolutely identical and difficult to distinguish, this despite distinctly different performance and hardware characteristics. create confusion not only among normal users looking for the "identity" of their machine, but also at retailers who not rarely find themselves dealing with customers who do not know which machines they have with all the consequences of the case. not uncommon event the inability to distinguish which machine is faced in the case, not uncommon, in which you decide to buy a used CPU or perhaps to report a fault or a spare part to Apple itself. All doubts and difficulties can be easily resolved by consulting an interesting page of the Knowledge Base that Apple has also translated into our language. ti the G4 produced to date in the name used by Apple (AGP graphics, PCI graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, QuickSilver), the differences are described in detail, accompanied by the model codes, the rear door diagrams are added with images of the back of the machine so as to be able to identify the model at first sight.

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