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iPad Pro 2020, first benchmarks: a bit better on the GPU side, CPU unchanged

iPad Pro 2020 it was announced just 24 hours ago – quietly, given the particular historical period – and the first ones could not be missing now benchmark through which to analyze the performance of the tablet. It appears that the Apple A12Z SoC does not offer major improvements over the A12X mounted on previous models. AnTuTu shows substantially unchanged scores on the CPU side, and modest increases on the GPU side.

It is worth pointing out that they are data to be taken with the springs: the sale of the iPad has not yet started (or rather, yes, but the deliveries start next week) and just yesterday evening the Golden Master of iPadOS 13.4 came out, the OS with which the tablets will arrive on the market. The tests could therefore be spoiled by software that has not been optimized to the maximum. In any case, the cold numbers:

Summing up, we can say that the CPU side and the UX side the scores remain more or less the same, while there is a tangible improvement on the GPU side and a deterioration on the memory side – the latter will be interesting to deepen it as soon as there is more concrete information available.

At first glance, therefore, A12Z looks like an A12X with a more powerful GPU – maybe with a few more cores or a slightly higher clock. It remains to be understood why Apple did not switch to the "X" version of its most recent SoC, namely the A13 which is found in the entire family of the iPhone 11. Is it possible that an entirely new model will be released already this fall? Moreover, two of the three previous generations of iPad Pro were presented between September and October (the remainder in June, on the occasion of WWDC). Rumors also circulate with persistence on MiniLED displays and 5G connectivity. Who knows, we'll see.