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iOS 14 reveals that only iPhones 12 Pro will have the flight-time sensor

The arrival of the time-of-flight sensor, signed ToF, to detect depth and distance, anticipated several months earlier for the new iPad Pro 2020 and then also on the new iPhone 2020 range: new references discovered in the preliminary iOS 14 code confirm that this component will be present only on the more expensive top models of the iPhone 12.

For years now, Apple has announced its new operating systems at the world developer conference that takes place in June: this year for the coronavirus epidemic, WWDC 2020 will be an exclusively online event. In any case, for some weeks numerous advances have been discovered discovered within a preliminary version of iOS 14 on which Apple engineers are working, confirming new functions and also new devices arriving this year: from this page you can find all the macitynet articles on topic.

ios 14 iphone 12

In the preliminary iOS 14 code the reference to iPhone models indicated with code d5x was found: according to the USA website 9to5Mac it is probably the iPhone 2020, given that the iPhone 11 of this year are indicated with the code d4x. Of the new terminals expected this fall, only two will have the new time-of-flight sensor, so these are iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, or what the official names will be chosen by Cupertino.

This sensor joins the triple rear camera, allowing you to collect measurements and data on the distance of objects and walls on the fly. The applications of this technology can be different, from new photographic effects to new augmented reality (AR) functions. The tracks in iOS 14 indicate that the iPhone 12 Pro will take advantage of the new sensor in the iOS Metro app for AR measurements. A new iOS 14 app instead will allow users to get more detailed information about their surroundings, always in AR.

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