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IoRestoaCasa, the IMF app for the self-evaluation of coronavirus symptoms

marzo 19, 2020

With the coronavirus emergency in progress, today more than ever it is essential to listen only to the news given by accredited sources and to rely only on services authorized by official bodies.

And therefore in consideration of the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the increase in cases of coronavirus on the national territory, as well as of the periodic commitment in the development of information and awareness-raising paths on the new disease, which IoRestoaCasa was born, an application created by the Federation of Italian Medical Scientific Societies (FISM) in collaboration with Exprivia for the self-evaluation of symptoms.

Thanks to this software, every citizen can practically evaluate the level of attention to be paid to their health conditions based on the symptoms and behaviors adopted in the last period. The system uses advanced features for anonymous data analysis through the use of Artificial Intelligence and allows you to answer a series of questions that investigate symptoms, travel, family, habits and vaccines made.

IoRestoaCasa, the IMF app for the self-evaluation of coronavirus symptoms

Based on the citizen's responses, the technology assesses the high, medium or low level of attention to be paid to one's own health conditions, without prejudice to all the strict prescriptions issued by the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanit.

Lapp will subsequently be equipped with multi-channel functionality and chatbot managed by Artificial Intelligence to allow the Authorities to have a large amount of useful, elaborate and easy to read data.

Dr. Franco Vimercati, president of the FISM Federation to which the scientific medical societies of our country, accredited with the Ministry of Health, adhere – states that the sharing of scientific information is absolutely essential to promote correct and safe behavior between health professionals and people who can feeling disoriented or confused by the multitude of news circulating these days.

The new IoRestoaCasa application, already available on the Play Store for Android devices (the iPhone version will arrive shortly, they say) in fact represents a further step forward to contribute to the slowdown in the spread of the virus.