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Instagram now allows purchases directly from the stories

Instagram takes another step, towards a greater integration in its app, for Online shopping. The Facebook-owned company recently announced that it will now allow users to buy directly from the stories published by accounts.

Instagram directly integrates online shopping stories

Until now, Instagram only allowed to buy something through the feed, or the home where you can see all the photos published by the people who are followed. With the shopping feature built directly into the stories now, people will have the option to shop quick purchases directly from there, thus eliminating that extra step, for redirection to the appropriate website.

When you now view the stories on Instagram, by commercial profiles concerning brands, you can touch the new stickers with the icon of a shopping bag, to get more details on the product for sale, together with the related purchase options.


For now, the new online shopping feature built into stories, available only for one selected number of goods, including Adidas, Aritzia and Louis Vuitton, while others will be added in the near future.

Note that the new tool on Instagram, available only for companies and not for individual sellers or consumers, perhaps willing to sell something. In addition, companies will only be able to link to stories their products, that means they won't be able to sell through a third party reseller, at least for now.

Obviously the new function certainly represents an excellent thing, for brands that hope to shorten the path, making purchases more immediate to their customers. Users for, too, will benefit from the feature. It is often in fact discouraging to discover some interesting product on Instagram, not finding for the way to buy it. The new function intended to solve this type of problem.

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