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Instagram: new two-step verification via smartphone coming soon | …

The popularity of Instagram, as is now known to most, has quickly become an alarm bell on the subject security and privacy pushing in search of new access and login solutions to avoid data theft like the new one verify in two steps.

Instagram and the new two-step verification: what it is

In the recent past the developers of the social networks had already provided the opportunity to protect themselves through a two-step verification mechanism via SMS, very similar to system adopted by Google for Gmail accounts.

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How Gmail 2-Step Verification Works

Despite efforts to, and we told you about it last year, the mix of social engineering techniques and the SIM porting have allowed hackers to be able to access hundreds of accounts, thanks to the theft of codes, creating a real security alarm.

Two-step verification mechanism via SMS on InstagramTwo-step verification mechanism via SMS on Instagram

Here are the reasons behind the arrival of a new Instagram login mechanism which, although based on two-step access, this time will not exploit SMS but OTP codes by leveraging the support of Google mechanisms.

Two-step verification via OTP: how it should work

The idea, which emerged from the analysis of the code of the latest version of the app Instagram, would work by associating the Instagram account with a smartphone on which they are installed Google Authenticator or Duo.

Once inserted Username and password a unique code, OTP, will be sent to the device associated with the account to verify credentials: in case of inability to access the smartphone, it will not be possible to access the account.

A choice, the latter, also confirmed in an interview by some delegates of the social network confirming that the hypothesis is far more than being examined by the development team and ready to be provided on a large scale with one of the next updates in order to control the phenomenon of digital identity theft also on Instagram.

Fonte: TechCrunch

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