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Iliad users are 5.3 million, the growth continues and accelerates

marzo 19, 2020

That iliad customers had exceeded 5 million was known since February, now official data arrives confirming that the growth of the fourth national mobile operator not only continues but accelerates, reaching a total of 5.3 million iliad Italia users in late 2019.

The impressive progression because this milestone has been reached in only 18 months since the launch in our country. The numbers that concern last year confirm acceleration and growth: in the second quarter of 2019 there were 530,000 new users, increased to 700,000 in the third quarter, up to 740,000 new users in the last quarter. During 2019 the total number of new users was 2.4 million.

The official press release attributes the growth of iliad users to the clear conditions, transparency of costs and clauses and also to the relationship of trust that is created between the new operator and its users. This also underlined in the declarations of Benedetto Levi, the company's chief executive officer Transparency in the relationship with the people who have chosen iliad and the trust built up in almost two years of activity, make us proud and ready to face the next months with great force. According to market research Doxa 97% of people who already use iliad would recommend the new operator to relatives and friends.

iliad users growth

Also last year iliad Italia's turnover was 427 million euros, more than tripled compared to 2018. In 2019 369 million euros were invested, mostly destined for the development of the mobile network, which is proceeding at a fast pace throughout Italy. iliad closes 2019 with 4,000 radio sites installed and over 2,000 active radio sites.

Before the coronavirus emergency the goal was 6,000 active sites by the end of this year, now the operator has revised the goal reducing it to 5,000 active sites by the end of 2020. The goal of 10,000-12,000 sites installed by the end of 2024 has been confirmed instead. The Iliad group records a turnover an increase of 9% to 5.33 billion euros, with a sharp increase in net profit compared to 2018 with 1.73 billion euros, also thanks to the capital gain due to the sale to Cellnex of the towers in France and Italy.

At the moment the objective is to ensure a quality service and stable and fast connections to allow users to work and communicate, as Benedetto Levi declares At this particular moment in the country, iliad is committed to ensuring a top quality service for its users and useful connectivity to conduct the necessary activities in these circumstances. Iliad also participates in the Digital Solidarity initiative of the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, offering 10GB of data traffic for free to subscribers of the iliad voice plan: we talked about it in detail in this article.

iliad Voce offers 10 GB of data traffic and unlimited international calls

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In November, iliad italia users exceeded 4.5 million: the operator continues to invest to expand its proprietary cellular network. In this article the details of the offer from 50GB per month to 7.99 euros instead here the offers of Kena and Ho, low cost virtual operators respectively of TIM and Vodafone, introduced to counter the growing success of iliad in Italy.

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