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Huawei users can install Google apps and services with a tap

Numerous users appreciate and continue to use Huawei terminals even without Google apps and services, a consequence of the total blockade of the Chinese multinational in the USA which prevents agreements with US companies. To get around the problem, several rigorously unofficial solutions have appeared, some to require familiarity with the operating system and even complex procedures, not always within the reach of anyone.

Now, however, there is a new system, always unofficial, much simpler that allows you to install Google apps and services on Huawei terminals with an easy and fast procedure, practically with a single tap, within reach of any user even without knowledge depth of Android.

huawei app google services

The solution illustrated by the German blog that shows it in the video that we report in this article. In practice it all boils down to the installation of a single app, called Chat Partner. In a matter of minutes and a few simple steps, following the on-screen instructions, users of Huawei terminals such as the Mate 30 model can get Google apps and services available on their device.

At the time of writing, we have not personally tested this solution, so we cannot confirm its operation, even if posts and comments from users who have succeeded circulate on the net. Recall that this is not the first solution of this type: last year the LZPlay app circulated subsequently discovered and removed. For this reason, Huawei users who want to install Google apps and services should hurry to try this new method, because Google could block everything even quickly.

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