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HP: "Better quarter than expected"

HP: "Better quarter than expected" logomacitynet1200wide 1

HP is preparing to announce above-forecast profits for the current quarter. The company announced yesterday that the market landscape continues to be difficult but in a context in which the consumer segment is showing signs of recovery. In light of these statements, HP could close the fiscal quarter with profits "substantially in excess of the 16 cents per share envisaged by First Call. The merits would essentially be of the PC and printing market as well as that of services, which has definitely improved compared to the past. Compaq also announced a good quarter last weekend , higher than expected. The horizon, according to analysts, seems more favorable today than it was in the past for the merger between Compaq and HP. Profit prospects and an overall improving picture are convincing observers that there could be real benefits that would reverberate on the possibilities to produce profits, strengthening the market position of the giant that would be born. In recent days HP and Compaq had good news on the prospects of the agreement from Europe where the European Commission had given the green light to it. Despite this, the risks of rejection are always around the corner. In particular, the shareholders' meeting of HP, under the influence of the position of the Hewlett and Packard families, heirs of the two founding partners, who continue to oppose the merger.

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