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How to use Apple's iMessage on Windows, Android and Windows Phone thanks to …


Remote Messages also allows Apple iMessages to be used on Windows, Windows 8.1, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms. That's how.

In recent years, instant messaging applications via the web such as WhatsApp have seen incredible growth, really exaggerated. Obviously, Apple also wanted to get on this "bandwagon" of the success of this type of application and therefore launched its iMessage, the instant messaging app integrated on iPhone, iPod, iPad and all Macs and which allows Apple users to send messages for free and immediately over the internet.

All very nice and comfortable, pity that Apple's iMessage only works with Apple devices: for example, iMessage does not work on Windows, Android or Windows Phone, because, by Apple's choice, these operating systems were not supported. But from today things could change, since the Remote Messages program allows you to use iMessage also on Windows, Windows Phone, Android and other operating systems. Yes, that's right: from today you can use Apple's iMessage whenever you want, in any situation and with any OS. So let's see how to use Remote Messages to access iMessage from any platform and operating system.

As we said, Remote Messages allows you to useiMessagemore conveniently also from Windows computers or even from other Android smartphones or tablets, Windows Phones etc. But how does it do it? How does Remote Messages work? Let's see it together.

1 "src =" "width =" 530 "height =" 333 "/></p><p style=Remote Messages a really very interesting and well done program, which basically a tweak downloadable from Cydia and only for devices that have the jailbreak. In practice, to be able to use Remote Messages you will need at least one Apple device with jailbreak, be it an iPhone, iPod or iPad. How come all this? Simple: Remote Messages fetches your iMessage account from iPhone, iPod and iPad and, passing through a remote server, allows you to access your iMessage account in a virtual way through the Internet browser of your PC, Android or any other device .

In practice, to iMessage it will seem that you are actually using your iPhone, iPod and iPad to reply and send messages to your friends, but in reality you can manage everything comfortably from PC, Windows or Android using a remote bridge that will allow you to use iMessage on any operating system. To make it work, however, you must actually have an iPhone, iPod or iPad with iMessage installed and configured, otherwise you will not be able to use Remote Messages.

The operation of Remote Messages very simple (although very complicated explanation): essentially the program interfaces with the Messages application of your iPhone, iPod and iPad and acts like a web server. In essence, all this will give us the opportunity to send and receive messages from any device with a browser, using their iPhone, iPod or iPad as a data transfer device.

2 "src =" "width =" 530 "height =" 333 "/></p><p style=All this talk, however, to tell you that in the end you can access iMessage simply using the internet browser of your PC, Windows, Android or Windows Phone, in an extremely easy and immediate way. Even the configuration of Remote Messages really simple and within the reach of all users, even those less experienced.

The Remote Messages program works very well and offers all the main features of the classic Apple client for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac: in addition to the effective exchange of messages, in fact, we have the possibility to view the status of the network and the battery level of the device, send any type of file, also by directly accessing the Camera Roll of the iPhone, iPod or iPad and much more. There will be none of the classic iMessage functions that you normally find on Apple devices.

As we said above, all you have to do to use Remote Messages will be to remotely access your connected Apple device. In practice, through the internet browser of your Windows PC or Android tablet, you can check iMessage and the library of images that can be sent to your friends. Furthermore, iOS emojis are fully supported, all contact information is synchronized (profile photo included) and it is possible to choose a theme for the web app such as iOS, Whatsapp etc.

In short, this Remote Messages really is a complete and well-made tweak, from every point of view, which I recommend to all users who want to use Apple's iMessage also from Android, Windows, PC and Windows Phone.

3 "src =" "width =" 530 "height =" 333 "/></p><p style=Senno doubt Remote Messagesa particularly convenient and simple to configure solution: once the tweak is installed, simply enter the device Settings, search for the section of the same name and set a username and password to protect our data, so that no one else can read our conversations without our permission.

remote messages inspazio

After that, from any other device, you can open the browser and type in the IP address of your connected iPhone, iPod or iPad (shown by the tweak in the settings window) followed by the access port (: 333).

After logging in with the data set just before, you will be ready to use iMessage on any other device. As said, you will have the freedom of write, read and send iMessage messages directly from any computer or smartphone operating system, using the browser and the connection to your iPhone, iPod and iPad to control iMessage remotely.

Remote Messages 3 available on Cydia in the BigBoss repository at a price of $ 3.99 and compatible with all devices updated to iOS 7 or later.

The only drawback of the program: it does not work connected in 3G, but only if connected to the same WiFi network or USB (tunneling).

Here is a complete description of the program with the list of supported features.

Remote Messages is a browser based front-end for the iOS Messages application.


  • SMS and iMessage support.
  • File / media attachments (of any type).
  • Camera roll access.
  • Drafts.
  • Message searching.
  • Full emoji set with text shortcuts.
  • Typing notifications.
  • Contact pictures.
  • Custom theme support (Includes iOS 6 & 7 themes).
  • Displays Wi-Fi, signal and battery status.
  • Uses native Contacts database.
  • Supports SSL and username / password authentication.
  • Utilises WebSockets for perfect synchronization with device.
  • Runs as a background service with a small memory footprint.
  • Supports all iOS 7 compatible devices (including ARM64).
  • Built and optimized for Google Chrome, also supports Firefox, IE9 + and mobile browsers.

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