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How to set up call forwarding on Android | Guide

marzo 19, 2020

L'call forwarding a very useful feature for several users as it allows you to avoid call roaming rates when traveling abroad and redirect them to your home phone or a local number. Other users use the call forwarding also not to be disturbed during the holidays. Whatever your use, we have decided to make this guide where we show you how to configure thecall forwarding up Android.

How to set up Android call forwarding

Call forwarding on Android: how does it work?

How to set up call forwarding on Android

Before we start, we want to clarify that not all Android smartphone they have the same settings and menus because the various OEMs personalize the Phone app, so some steps may be different depending on the phone used. Let's see them in detail:

  • Open the Phone app;
  • Tap on the 3 dots (or 3 dashes) at the top right or left;
  • Click on default statethe;
  • Select Call settings;
  • Look for the option Call transfer;
  • In the menu that appears there are 4 options:
    1. Always, all calls are redirected to the desired secondary number;
    2. If busy, calls are transferred to the secondary number when engaged in another call;
    3. If unanswered, calls are forwarded to the secondary number when you don't answer;
    4. In the event that it is not reachable, calls are transferred to the secondary number when the phone is switched off, in airplane mode or does not pick up;
  • After choosing one of the above options, you need to enter the forwarding number. This can be done either manually or by tapping on the Contacts icon;
  • Once done, choose “Enable","Skills" or "OK"(Based on the option shown on your smartphone).

To cancel thecall forwarding up Android just go back to the same settings and select the Disable option.How to set up Android call forwarding

How to set up call forwarding using codes

If you cannot find the option concerned on your Android smartphone, you can set the call forwarding the old way using codes to be entered manually in the dialer.

Here they are in detail:

  • * 21 *: call forwarding unconditional;
  • * 004 *: call transfer when the busy line does not answer or take;
  • * 67 *: call transfer when the line busy;
  • * 61 *: call forwarding when you don't answer;
  • * 62 *: call transfer when you unreachable.

How to use call forwarding codes

  • Open the Phone app;
  • Dial the desired code followed by the number to which you want to forward the calls and at the end insert the symbol # (Eg * 21 * 123-456-7890 #);
  • Press Send, Call or any other button you use to make a call.

How to set up Android call forwarding

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