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How to see a private Instagram profile: the best methods and tricks …

There privacy profiles Instagram for some time one of the key points of the social network, more and more devoted to guaranteeing the protection of its members through forms such as private profiles yet its fame and growing numbers are pushing more and more to ask how to see a private Instagram profile.

See a private Instagram profile: the best methods and tricks

The reasons for wanting to follow a person can be varied, so and in the same way there are various reasons behind the choice of make the Instagram account private nevertheless there are several tricks and ways to overcome this limitation.

Below we suggest you i best methods to see a private Instagram profile:

  1. Send request to follow Private account
  2. See the posts through Social Sharing
  3. See the posts through the Hashtag
  4. See the posts through the Geolocation

1Follow a Private Instagram account: how to send the request

Search mode on Instagram

The most effective solution is also, very often, the simplest and in the specific case to send a request for become a follower of a private profile will allow you to see the posts of the user you are interested in.

The simple process, once in the Instagram app go to the "Search" section, first by clicking on the magnifying glass in the bar at the bottom of the screen and then in the search engine at the top of the screen.

Scroll down to the "People" category and start typing to find the desired Instagram user: to do so, you can either type the real Name and Surname or the nickname selected on the social network (if you know it).

Private Instagram profilePrivate Instagram profile

Once the profile is found, if the latter is marked with the item "This private account" you will be inhibited from being able to see activities and posts and at this point you can send a request to become followers by clicking on "Follow" to notify the user of your interest. .

2See the posts of a private Instagram account through Social Sharing

If you don't want to expose yourself officially following a private profile, there are other tricks for see Instagram posts and one above all uses the mode of Social sharing that any user can use at will.

In this case, and in particular in the case of Facebook, if a user has the joint profiles it is possible that a good part of his Instagram posts are also present on the social network making them accessible to anyone.

A detail to underline, as well as for sharing on other social platforms, concerns the privacy restrictions that may have been chosen and that does not always allow access to user posts.

3See the posts of a private Instagram account through the Hashtag

See a private Instagram profile via the Hashtags

An alternative solution to see the posts of a private Instagram profile, albeit a bit laborious, to take advantage of the hashtags to access the collection of posts on the social network.

To do this, go to the "Search" section, accessible from the bar at the bottom of the screen, and then click on the "Hashtag" item and then start the search by typing the trend of words that interest you.

Choose the collection Instagram hashtag that you consider suitable for your research and you will be directed to a page containing all the social posts that contain that word, including those of private profiles.

In addition to the "Most Popular" you could also take advantage of the "Recent" section to view all the posts in chronological order and see those of the person with the private profile you were looking for.

4See the posts of a private Instagram account via Geolocation

See a private Instagram profile via geolocation

An option as effective as exploiting hashtags instead of resorting to geolocation to see a private Instagram profile and all its posts through the collections.

The mechanism very similar to others already mentioned, from the "Search" section you will have to select "Places" and finally type the country, city or even the precise address to access collections of Instagram posts.

In the collection you will be able to scroll through all the posts in which geolocation has been exploited, without distinctions whatsoever between private users and not even though currently there is no system capable of filtering based on the time of publication.

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