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How to save Spotify songs on microSD | Guide

marzo 19, 2020

happened again: your smartphone urges you to free it full memory, but much of the space occupied only by Spotify. And then what? Well, if your smartphone has microSD support not yet said the last word. The famous music streaming app allows you to choose which memory to use for storage. But how to move Spotify songs to microSD? Fear not, nothing complicated, let's find out together what are the steps to follow!

Premise: DO NOT move Spotify to the microSD card to try to resolve the issue, since moving the whole app will not solve the problem. In fact, we will keep the music downloaded to the internal memory and only result in a further slowdown, not only of the app, but of the entire system.

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How to move Spotify music to external storage

Transfer Spotify music to external storage possible without the aid of third-party tools, since the feature present in the settings of the app itself. The operation within everyone's reach can be carried out in a few simple steps:

  • Once the app has started, you should be faced with a screen like this:Move Spotify music to microSD
  • At this point, stop on the "Your library"And then go to settings the app by tapping on the wheel at the top right:
  • Scroll the screen to the end and under the menu "Other"You will find the entry"Memory";
  • Stop on the latter and from the next screen select "SD card"To save the songs downloaded on external storage:

At the end of the operation, all you have to do is continue to use the app normally, with the awareness that all the downloaded songs will be saved directly on the external memory. In this regard, if you make extensive use of the function of download, we recommend that you bring one capacious microSD card so as not to risk saturating the space available on the external memory.

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