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How to remove a credit card from Google Play on Android

Do you have an Android smartphone? Well, then you will surely have added your credit card on Google Play to be able to access the Store and have the opportunity to purchase and download the most useful apps for your mobile phone. In this regard, we will show you belowhow to add or remove a credit card from Google Play, to better manage the purchases on the store and not find you unprepared in case of need.

Remove a credit card from Google Play

Is your credit card expired or do you think it is insecure and do you want to remove it from Google Play? You are in the right place, because it is often very difficult to find the right section to complete this quest, while following the steps listed below will be very simple and fast.

  • First you need to start the application of the Google Play Store and go to the top left by opening the menu β€œSettings"Indicated with the three horizontal lines;
  • At this point, just select the item β€œPayment methods"And then the wording"Other settings";
  • After clicking, a link will open (in the browser chosen as the default or if it has not been entered, select it at this time) which will request access to your Google Account (if you have not set up automatic access previously) and finally the list of all will appear the payment methods entered for the smartphone in use;
  • Baster press on "Remove”Twice to confirm the permanent removal of that particular payment method from your Google account and, consequently, from Google Play.

Attention if you do not have other payment methods, because there must be at least one to make purchases on the Store.

How to edit or add a new payment method on Google Play

In the aforementioned section of "Payment methods"It is of course possible to operate in all directions with respect to the payment methods previously entered on your Google account: in fact, in addition to the removal, it is also possible toadding or changing a payment method among those on the list that you find yourself in front of.

  • For example, you can add a credit or debit card simply by clicking on "Add payment method"And then selecting the type of payment method you want to add to your Google account.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to manage a payment method already set up on your account differently, you need to go back to the section β€œOther settings"And click on"Editβ€œ, Present next to the payment method whose data or settings you want to update; once the baster updates have been performed click on β€œRefresh”And all changes will be saved to your Google Account.


In short, a few simple steps to keep your account under control on the applications of your smartphone. Not taken for granted, if we consider the danger and the continuous attacks that the world of the Internet has continuously undergone in recent years or if we simply want to prevent some problems that could affect our purchases, especially those related to deadlines or errors regarding the methods of payment entered into the Google Account.

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