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How to record internal audio on any smartphone with Android 10 | …

In recent times, more and more people want to record the internal audio of their Android phone. This phenomenon is due in particular to the fact that many at some point decide to want to record gameplay sessions on your phone. Several people are desperate because they don't know how. But don't worry: let's go find out together how to record internal audio on any smartphone with Android Q!

How to record internal audio on any smartphone with Android Q

Usually, smartphones have an application pre-installed on their system that allows you to record content on the screen. In this case, recording the internal audio of the device is really very easy. But what to do if this app is not already on the device? In this situation, unless you choose to "root" the phone, you need to download a third-party application. In detail, a good solution can be the called app Screen Recorder – No Ads.

Screen RecorderScreen Recorder one of the most intuitive and functional apps suitable for this purpose.

How can I use this application? First, of course, you need to download it to your device.

Screen Recorder - No Ads

  • At that point, after downloading it, the app will ask where to save the recorded files. In this case, a folder titled “Movies” will open by default which can be chosen to host the recordings of the Android screen;
  • After that, you will be asked if you want to grant access to the previously selected folder and if you are totally convinced that you will have to confirm this choice;
  • After doing this, you need to go to the "Settings"Of the app and verify that the audio recording function is active and that the primary source to be recorded is the internal audio of the phone;
  • Then you need to close the settings and click on the symbol with the camera at the bottom right of your screen. In this case too, you will be asked to grant Screen Recorder – No Ads permission to move to other applications;
  • Granted this permission and clicking again on the symbol with the video camera the recording will start.

How can I find out if the registration is in progress? Well, at the top of the notification bar the symbol of a video camera will be shown when the recording starts and activates.

Why can it sometimes happen that the recording doesn't work?

Sometimes however, it can happen that the Android internal audio recording is not successful. Indeed, sometimes the app may not even work properly. Why? Well, in this case it means that there are some things to check. First, we need to see if all the necessary permits have been granted to the application. In any case, always good to check by going to the settings of the specific application and clicking on the item “Permissions". In addition, it may also be that the game you want to record has some internal function that prevents recording. This is very rare, but it could happen, especially with Beta games, not yet launched on the market.

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