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How to protect mobile privacy Guide

The smartphone is the most used technological tool every day and ends up containing a large number of personal information to defend against those who could make an improper use of it. Here is a series of useful tips on how protect the privacy of your mobile phone and sleep soundly.

What is the risk of those who record personal data on their mobile phone?

The identity theft and the credit card cloning I'm digital scams frequent in a society that is increasingly based on data transmission. Consequently it is appropriate to limit the recording of personal information on the mobile phone. Many users use the smartphone to make online payments, home banking and enter, with a certain serenity, access codes and information relating to personal documents.

How to protect mobile privacy

By taking advantage of certain sites and applications, there is a security system that protects privacy and protects against threats, however it is good to always move with caution. An advice avoid saving codes, accounts and passwords because in case of mobile theft or loss they could end up in the wrong hands. For the same reason, never loan your device and, before throwing it away or selling it, remember to restore the factory settings.

What is the safest release system?

How to protect mobile privacy

Choosing a reliable unlocking system is the first step to protecting your cell phone privacy. The classic method with the sequence is the most easily violable, while the use of a PIN or one password protects against any intrusion. Even better if the device is equipped with biometric sensor with unlocking by fingerprint or face recognition.

Are public Wi-Fi networks dangerous?

When away from home, it is good practice to use only the 4G connection of your telephone operator and avoid access to public Wi-Fi networks. It represents one of the most frequently made mistakes and puts the user under the serious risk of a cyber attack by cyber criminals who exploit the vulnerability of public networks to carry out the so-called data sniffing.

How important is an antivirus?

How to protect mobile privacy

L'antivirus it protects the mobile phone exactly like the home PC since the smartphone can be subject to numerous threats, especially when surfing the net. however it is always necessary to keep your eyes wide open: the attackers are lurking and could steal sensitive information through the phishing, difficult to detect even by the best antivirus.

What do you risk keeping the GPS always on?

Android GPS permissions

It is now customary that most smartphones have GPS constantly active. The reason is the request by the most popular apps to detect the position. But just how important is it that friends and social acquaintances know exactly where the user is at any time? In fact, a very risky behavior can favor, for example, the activity of criminals who follow the victim's movements through social networks.

Why download apps only from official stores?

Google Play Store

Apps are now indispensable for using the smartphone and nobody can do without it. The important download the software only from stores and official sites to be sure that they have passed certain safety standards. Never forget to read the privacy regulations: accepting without being informed could allow the legal use of data to numerous third parties, increasing the potential risks.

It takes just a few simple precautions to make the phone a much safer device and defend privacy from numerous threats. Sometimes they may seem trivial, but underestimating these small details that leads to unpleasant consequences.

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