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How to install Windows on Mac using the Boot Camp program


Here is the step by step guide to use Boot Camp, the program that allows you to install Windows on Mac

BootCamp: how to install Windows on Mac (Tutorial)

With Boot Camp you can run Microsoft Windows on the Mac. Find out how Windows runs through Boot Camp and what the installation requirements are.

The reasons that can push a person to install Windows operating system on Mac can be really many and certainly this is not the place to analyze them all.

If from time to time you need to use a Windows application, there is no problem: all new Macs allow you to install Windows and run it at native speed using an integrated utility called Boot Camp. The simple and secure configuration for Mac files. After installation, you can start the Mac using OS X or Windows.

Running Windows at native speed

You can run the Windows operating system on the Mac at native speed, without the decrease in performance related to software emulation or "virtual machines". Windows applications have full access to multiple processors and cores, accelerated 3D graphics cards, high-speed and network ports such as USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, AirPort and Gigabit Ethernet, as well as drivers for audio and Bluetooth. If you are using MacOSX10.5 or MacOSX10.6, the Boot Camp support software is located on the MacOSX installation DVD. For OSX Lion 10.7 or later, Windows drivers are automatically downloaded from the Boot Camp utility.

As you know, fortunately You can install Windows on Mac extremely quickly and easily using a program like Boot Camp. Obviously there are many alternatives to install Windows on Mac, maBoot Camp one of the simplest and most immediate methods and certainly within the reach of most users. Today, therefore, we will go to see together how to install Windows on Mac in an easy, fast and immediate way using the Boot Camp program.

For obvious reasons this guide will not be very short, but I assure you that we will guide you step by step to install Windows on Mac in an extremely easy and fast way. Follow the instructions by wire and by sign and you will have the opportunity to use the Windows operating system on your Mac in no time.

Boot Camp, for those who do not know it, a very easy and intuitive program that allows you to install Windows on Mac: in this way, for example, those who are fascinated by the design of Apple products but fond of the Microsoft operating system, have the opportunity to use their favorite OS on a platform that is aesthetically the best and most beautiful currently available. Initially launched in 2006, Boot Camp has evolved over time and now allows you to perfectly install Windows on Mac: no emulations or virtualizations, with Boot Camp Windows will be installed natively on your Mac, as if it were a normal PC.

Windows installed on its own partition. After installation, you can use both Windows and Mac OS X on your Mac computer.

Once Windows is installed, every time we go to restart the Mac we can choose whether to launch Mac OS X or the Microsoft operating system. This procedure differs from simple virtualization:we are going to physically install Windows on the Mac's hard drive and we will have two different OS installed on the same machine.Contrary to what happens when we have to install Mac OS X on a PC, installing Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp very easy, also thanks to the guided procedure offered by Boot Camp. This program is present by default on every Mac, so you won't have to download any additional software.

Here's what you'll need to install Windows on Mac with Boot Camp:

  • Windows ISO or original Windows DVD
  • 8 GB USB flash drive
  • 25GB of free space on the Mac
  • power connection if you use a Macbook

Boot Camp works perfectly with all versions of Windows: 8, 7, Vista, XP. You just have to choose which version of Windows you want to install.

If your Mac doesn't have a DVD player (like MacBook Air), you can safely install Windows on Mac with Boot Camp, but you will have to use a USB stick containing the Windows ISO.

CAUTION: I'm not sure, but Boot Camp seems to recognize non-original versions of Windows and not have them installed. I tried an original one, so I can't confirm it. If you try, let me know so we will update the guide.

Now we can proceed with the guide to install Windows on Mac.

At this point, connect the empty USB stick to your Mac and make sure that it does not contain important files, since it will be completely formatted.

img001 "src =" "/></p><p style=Launch Boot Camp and follow the instructions on the screen. You will have 3 different options.

  • If you want to install Windows normally on Mac, tick all 3 choices.
  • If you only want to create a Windows installation pen for Mac via Boot Camp, select only the first 2 options.
  • If, on the other hand, you already have a USB stick with the Windows ISO to install it on a Mac, select only the last option.

Now proceed. In the next step, select the USB stick to be used to create the Windows image to be installed, then continue. Now your Mac will begin to format the USB stick and transfer the files needed to install Windows onto it. The process may be quite long, so wait calmly for it to end by looking at the progress bar.

Then you will be asked how much space you want to dedicate to installing Windows on Mac: here you have to choose. If you want to abandon Mac OS X for Windows, give Windows a lot of space, otherwise give it less. Evaluate according to your needs.

Then click on "Install" and enter the login data for the Mac. At this point Boot Camp will create the partition for Windows on the Mac hard disk. Once the procedure is complete, Boot Camp will restart the Mac and start the installation of Windows. The procedure for installing Windows is identical to what we normally find on Windows PCs, without any difference.

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When Windows asks you on which disk to install the operating system, select the one called "Boot Camp", which obviously has just been created with the operations previously carried out. When prompted, enter the Windows serial. The system will restart a few times and the Windows installation will proceed.

Once the installation is complete, you will be free to use the Windows operating system on Mac, without any difficulty.


006_new "src =" "/></p><p style=Once Windows is installed, go to the "Boot Camp" folder located in your USB memory installed for Windows installation: select the "Setup" file and install everything. This way the PC will install the drivers to make your Mac work properly with Windows.


After installing Windows and Boot Camp drivers, you can start using Windows on your Mac computer. Boot Camp makes it easier to start your computer using both Mac OS X and Windows. You can use the Startup Disk panel, in System Preferences (Mac OS X), or the Boot Camp Control Panel (Windows) to set the default operating system to use when you start your computer. You can also select an operating system while the computer is starting up.

Set the default operating system

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You can use the Startup Disk panel in Mac OS X System Preferences to set the default operating system to use for starting your computer. Boot Camp also installs the Boot Camp control panel, which allows you to set the default operating system when you are using Windows.

To set the default operating system in Mac OS X:

1 In Mac OS X, choose Apple ()> System Preferences.

2 Click the Startup Disk panel.

3. Select the boot disk with the operating system you want to use as the default system.

4. If you want to immediately start the operating system in question, click Restart.

Finally, you can select the operating system to be used during startup by holding down the Option key. This will display icons for all available boot disks and you can overwrite the default setting for the boot disk in the Boot disk preferences (Mac OS X) or Boot Camp control panel (Windows) without changing this setting.

With Boot Camp it is also possible to uninstall the created partition and its Windows.

Once you have installed Windows on Mac, know that you can always uninstall Microsoft's operating system to return to Apple's. To do this you will only have to start your Mac with Mac OS X, go to Boot Camp, start it and remove the Windows installation. This procedure will be automatic and will completely remove Windows from your Mac.

Well, I'd say everything. For doubts or questions you can use the comments.

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