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How to install HydrogenOS with Android 10 on OnePlus 6T

When it comes to updating their devices, the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, always appreciated by its community, always one of the first to make available the beta and the finalized versions of the latest release of the Android operating system. Exactly in line with this tradition, the house is making available the latest version of HydrogenOS based on Android 10, for the OnePlus 6T.

Get more customization possibilities, with the latest version of HydrogenOS for OnePlus 6T

HydrogenOS the customized version of the system for OnePlus devices sold in China. It offers an experience very similar to OxygenOS, which instead is intended for devices sold outside the country of manufacture, offering for a deeper and more developed level of customization, while maintaining the classic interface features most requested by the community.

OnePlus 6T

The latest version of HydrogenOS based on Android 10, for OnePlus 6T, brings one new series, among which:


  • OS update to Android 10;
  • New UI design, smoother and lighter experience, with more detailed interface etc;
  • Added management of permits for the position, which can only be activated when using an app;
  • New custom settings experience, support for customizing icons applied to shortcut settings.

Full screen gestures

  • Added the bar at the bottom to support the transition between one app and another, by scrolling left or right.


  • New dedicated section that brings together all your favorite games, offering a smoother experience and greater hardware acceleration during gaming.

Information on the display

  • Added support for viewing weather, scheduled events, music and other information based on the theme set.


  • Added blocking for harassing SMS.

How to update

The installation of HydrogenOS based on Android 10 for OnePlus 6T, can be done manually through these steps:

  • Download the update package here;
  • Then copy the package to your smartphone, in the main directory of the internal memory;
  • Go up nowSettings> System update, then touch the icon at the top right by selecting the item laterLocal update.
  • Select the package copied to your smartphone by tapping laterUpdate now.
  • Wait for the procedure to proceed and its completion.
  • Then selectRestart.

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