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How to install APKs external to the Google Play Store Guide

As everyone knows, the main source for being able to install an application on your smartphone is Google Play Store. However, sometimes not all apps are present on this marketplace. For this reason, some may wish to install an application from another source, without having the Google Play Store as a reference point. How to install APKs outside the Google Play Store? Here are all the steps to follow!

Install APKs outside the Google Play Store: here's how

First, you need to know that to install external APKs you have to follow certain steps. First of all, maybe you need to know what an APK file is. These files, called in full Android Package Kit, represent the heart of any Android application. This is the basic format for the operation of the Apps on the Android system, which is equivalent to the .exe format for programs to be installed on Windows.

After learning about it, it is necessary to understand what are the steps to be implemented:

  • Well, the first step is to identify where to download the APK file;
  • After downloading, the latter will be made available in the phone resources, perhaps in the "Download"Present within the smartphone memory;
  • Once you have identified the file obtained in the appropriate folder, you must click on it;
  • At that point, the phone will block the operation and ask the user if he wants to install a file from an unsafe source. Some models also require you to change a certain setting, granting the phone permission to install apps from unverified sources;
  • After granting all the permissions, the app will install on your phone in a few minutes. Once installation is complete, the application will be available in a simple and accessible way.

Install APK files from external sources: why do it and what are the dangers?

At this point someone may wonder why they download applications that don't come from the Google Play Store. Well, in some cases, several applications are blocked by geo-political factors and in the territory where you live they are not made available. In other cases then, there may be important updates of an app not yet available on the Google Play Store, but already available on the web. However, please note that it is forbidden to install pirated apps, as it were, from external sources, i.e. paid applications made free through specific APKs. This operation is 100% illegal.

How to install APK

Also, you need to consider that installing APK files outside the Google Play Store could also be dangerous for the security of your smartphone. All applications on the Google Play Store are controlled and receive constant security checks. APK files on the web can hide pitfalls like virus or similar and ruin the Android system of your mobile phone. For this reason, it is recommended to always check an APK file found on the web with a good antivirus. Only after carrying out a check can you proceed with the installation.

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