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How to have QuizDuello PREMIUM for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad


Here is QuizDuello PREMIUM for iPhone, iPod and iPad: a beautiful game with many questions to test your knowledge for smartphones and tablets

QuizDuello: a fun app to challenge friends. QuizDuello is an excellent pastime to have fun with friends. Let's see what it offers and how it works.

Quizduello: after Ruzzle and Drawsomething you still test yourself and your friends.

For those who love trivia games and don't want to give up on fun with friends, here it isQuizduello,the new game for iPhone, iPod and iPad very easy to use: just install the app fromplaystore, create a profile and get ready to challenge thousands of people. AfterRuzzle, which tests the knowledge of your language andDraw something, which entertains even the little ones to draw, a new game arrives, just as interactive, but thattests its culture.

The game provides25,000 questionsis20 categorieson which to compete, science, wellness & health, languages ​​& literature, video games, the course of events, technology, current events and many others.


The QuizDuell application allows you to challenge friends in onequizwith various types of questions, grouped into about 20 categories such as science, TV series, etc.The developers claim that the number of questions is greater than 25,000and that the questions will increase day by day.

The game is divided into 6 rounds,each consisting of 3 different questions belonging to the same type. An interesting function of QuizDuello is that ofto be able to write the questions to be included in the game yourself and then customize it making it more interesting.

Also present aRankingwith all the scores of the players, which represents an incentive to play more and more to win, defeat opponents, earn points and try to reach the top of the ranking.

QuizDuello is divided into two versions:one for free, with limited features and supported by advertising between one game and another, and one for a fee, without advertising and with interesting customization functions or the display of statistics on your profile. The free version, however, is all it takes to have fun without any problem, so you will not need to buy the paid version to play and have fun.

TherePremium versionit costs2.69 (on Android and iOS the same price) and eliminates advertising, allows thecreation of a custom avatarand gives the possibility ofadd new questions.

In QuizDuello possiblechallenge your friends or find random opponents, just like Ruzzle, a game with very similar background logic. As in Ruzzle, in addition, also in QuizDuello there is a function availablechatwith their opponents, to share opinions and thoughts.

In short, the QuizDuello app really cute and funand we are sure to be passionate about many of you. I've been using it for a few weeks and I assure you that it has become almost a drug: now I can't stay without playing for more than a few hours, also because, thanks to the function that allows you to find random opponents, you will be able to play at any time of the day without any difficulty. Seeing is believing.

The QuizDuello application compatible with any Apple device. As said, you can download it for free, at least in the basic version. If you like quiz games, you will go crazy for QuizDuello, the game where you can challenge your friends or random opponents on questions of all kinds!

You and your opponent will compete in 6 rounds where each consists of 3 questions.

You will both answer the same question at the same time and … we'll see who wins!

Every 2 rounds you can choose from three randomly selected categories.

Choose the most difficult categories for your opponent!

There are over 25,000 questions at the moment!

More than 200 questions a day!

20 fun categories like TV Shows, Video Games, Music & Hits, At the table!

Writing quizzes has never been easier. Write a question yourself and make the game even more fun!

A ranking of all players allows you to compare your knowledge with the rest of Italy!

Create your avatar with eyes, hair, mouths and accessories of all kinds! (Premium)

Change the color of the Game (Premium).

Start playing now!

DownloadQuizDuello PREMIUM for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Unfortunately, the application inside it has limitations that can be overcome only and exclusively by purchasing the versionpremium.After applying this hack you will getunlocking the premium mode.

QuizDuello - screenshot thumbnail

QuizDuello - screenshot thumbnail

To apply the hack, your iDevice need not be jailbroken, the present hack was developed directly byBiteYourApple,that we thank.

Now let's see how to apply the hack to QuizDuello:

  • First of all you have to go to download from this link the package created by BiteYourApple
  • Start the FunBox on the PC / MAC and connect your iDevice
  • Use the bar at the top of the iniFunBox to click on sumanaging App Data
  • Locate the Quiz Duello icon and double click
  • A new screen will open and inside there will be various folders, the one you need to open first and then Preferences.
  • Once you enter the folder preferences you will find a file called.feomedia.quizduello.plist, save it on your computer so you can restore the situation before the application of the hack in case something goes wrong.
  • Paste in the same path, going to delete the present file, the filese.feomedia.quizduello.plistche found in the Mod package that you previously downloaded
  • Disconnect your iDevice and start QuizDuello
  • The application will ask you to log in again and toat this point you will see enjoy all the premium features.

End. You are now free to play QuizDuello as Premium users. Have fun

I remember that if you need the same trick for Android, you can find it here:

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