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How to find out if you own a counterfeit Xiaomi smartphone | Guide

In recent times Xiaomi become an increasingly popular brand in Italy. When a brand starts to become popular all over the world, there is a risk that its products will be counterfeited and passed off as originals. On the Italian market the risk of incurring one counterfeit Xiaomi smartphone really very low, but it may happen that some prefer to buy their device online, from foreign countries, due to the lower costs and the absence of customs duties. In the latter case, the savings will only be apparent given that in many cases it will soon be discovered that they have been screwed. How to understand if you purchased an original or a counterfeit smartphone? Let's find out together.

How to find out if you own one counterfeit Xiaomi smartphone

1 Verify by using the serial number or IMEI

Thinking of owning an original model and then finding yourself in the hands of a simple imitation, certainly not a pleasant sensation. The fact that, not infrequently, imitations are made so well as to seem original and to generate doubts about their actual authenticity. Are you among those who own a Xiaomi smartphone purchased online from a foreign site and do not know what to do to check the originality or not of your device? Well, there is a simple and accessible way for everyone to carry out the necessary checks, just visit the official website of the company.

  • By clicking on the following link a page will open in which, in the appropriate space, the serial number or IMEI;
  • Both are located on the sticker on the back of the smartphone or its packaging or can be obtained by typing on the keyboard * # 06 #;
  • You must also enter the security code and finally click on verification. At the end the verification report will inform us about the authenticity or not of the purchased device.

2 Check using the security code

A second way to check the originality of your Xiaomi smartphone is to use the security code.

  • By clicking on the following link the dedicated page opens directly;
  • At this point, all that remains is to enter, in the space provided, the 20-digit security code which is found by scratching the authenticity label located on the back of the package and checking the veracity or otherwise of your device.

3 Check if your original Xiaomi smartphone from the app

There is a special application developed by the Chinese giant Xiaomi, aimed at exposing the imitations. Mi Verification App was specifically designed to test the hardware, performance and history of Xiaomi smartphones and a fake device will certainly not be able to pass all the tests. The Mi Verification App application must be downloaded and installed on your Xiaomi smartphone and a tutorial will explain, in detail, how to use it.


Have you also purchased a Xiaomi smartphone from a Chinese site of suspected reliability and now I doubt you that it is not original? Check it out, as you have just read, extremely simple. So what are you waiting for? You just have to choose one of the three methods listed above and check if your original mobile device or a sad imitation.

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