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How to download torrent files from iPhone, iPod and iPad with iTransmission 4


Download torrent files from iPhone, iPod and iPad with iTransmission 4 Cydia

EccoiTransmission 4: the native BitTorrent client for iOS 7, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The new iTransmission 4 arrives on Cydia, the unofficial torrent client for iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak that allows the download torrent files from iOS safely and quickly.The new update contains numerous graphic improvements, in addition to thesupport for iOS 7.

So let's see how to download torrent files on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Transmissions 4.

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For those who do not know it, we present briefly iTransmission 4.

Transmission an open-source Torrent client (to download torrent files, therefore) initially developed for Mac and Linux. Later it was also brought to iPhone, iPod and iPad, to download torrent files on the go. This program features a simple interface that rests on a cross-platform backend. ITransmission 4 optimized for Apple devices already updated to iOS 7 and works really well: in a few steps, in fact, you will have the possibility to download torrent files directly from iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iTransmission 4it has the same characteristics as the first versions of this program, but is even better than its predecessor thanks to the many improvements and innovations introduced. As we have already said, through this application iPhone, iPod and iPad users will be able to download and start the download of torrent files and view the status of the transfers, with specific information, within a dedicated screen.To download your torrents, therefore, from today you just need to have an iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak, updated to iOS 7 and with the iTransmission 4 program installed.

Among the other news of iTransmission 4, we also note a redesigned graphics for iOS 7, some improvements in terms of speed and new configurations to allow an increasingly efficient use of the app, and compatibility with devices that mount the 64-bit A7 processor, like iPhone 5s and iPad Air. In short, this iTransmission 4 brings a lot of news with you and a really well-made torrent client, which I recommend to try to all of you.

But how exactly does this program work? Simple: just like a desktop client, with the same functionality.iTransmission 4accepts direct magnet connections and .torrent files can also be downloaded with Safari Mobile and managed through the same application. The download speed comparable to that of the best desktop clients, although it all depends on the goodness of the downloaded torrent.

The main screen shows the list of currently active and previously downloaded downloads. In the lower part we have four buttons that allow us respectively to add other torrents, to update the contents present, to limit the bandwidth in download and upload and a link to the general settings of the program. Everything organized perfectly and in an extremely clear way.

It is true that downloading torrents from iPhone, iPod and iPad is not the simplest, most comfortable and immediate thing in the world, maiTransmission 4 simplifies things considerably.

If you are interested, you can download iTransmission 4 for free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. To install this program, a jailbroken device is required and updated to iOS 7.

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