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How to download Netflix content to a micro SD | Guide

Netflix one of the most popular services for streaming movie is TV series. For some time now it has been possible to comfortably watch your favorite multimedia contents even from smartphones and tablets using the official applications available on iOS and Android. But how to watch Netflix offline on your smartphone? Here are all the steps to follow to download your favorite episodes of your TV series and watch them later!

How to watch Netflix offline on Android

One of the features offered by the well-known video streaming service allows you to download content to watch offline directly on the micro SD. Of course, the latter must be inserted within your device, be it smartphone or Tablet Android.

Netflix download micro SD Android

How to download TV series offline to micro SD on Android

There are, however, some clauses to be respected: not all devices support this functionality and it is possible to store only some content compatible with theoffline option.

Netflix download micro SD Android

In the latter case, only a small percentage of content present on Netflix can be stored on your device. If you do not have a micro SD inserted inside the smartphone, you will have to proceed with the purchase of a model from at least 8 GB in order to save as many movies and TV series as possible.

  • After inserting the micro SD inside the dedicated slot, make sure that the terminal has managed to read it by heading to the section SettingsArchiving (the option depends on the smartphone model you have);
  • If the memory card is not recognized, it may be necessary format it. Once your terminal has recognized it perfectly micro SD, proceed with the opening of theapplication.

How to store Netflix content on a micro SD on Android

  • plug on three-line menu present in the top left corner of the app;
  • click on Settings;
  • to choose Download path;
  • select the micro SD;
  • search for the content you want to download and make sure it is being stored on the SD card.

Netflix download micro SD Android

One of the most interesting features of this new feature that, theoretically, there won't be much storage space needed. This is because, Netflix, by default, automatically delete content later 30 days from the download on the terminal.

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