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How to disable Find My iPhone without knowing the password


A bug allows you to override the password to disable Find My iPhone

Incredible: an iOS 7 bug allows you to disable the Find My iPhone service without a password

Big problems in sight for Apple users, in particular for those who have an iPhone updated to iOS 7. Apparently, in fact, a big bug in iOS 7 allows any user todisable Find My iPhone without knowing the password.

But let's see the details.

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Find My iPhone a very useful service introduced by Apple now a few years ago, that allows users with iPhone, iPod and iPad to find and track their device in case of theft or loss.

Taking advantage of the internet and integrated GPS, this Apple service allows you to find the lost, lost or stolen iPhone, iPod and iPad. To function properly, however, the service must be activated by the owner of the product and to be deactivated requires a security password. With an iOS 7 bug, however, thieves can deactivate Find My iPhone even without knowing the password and it will be impossible to find and trace the lost, lost or stolen iPhone.

Here are the details.

A serious flaw was recently discovered in iOS 7, which allows any user, even the attackers, to disable important feature Find my iPhone on a device, thus bypassing the password entry which is normally required of users to disable and disable this security service.

Basically, on all iPhones updated to iOS 7 this bug would allow attackers who wanted to steal a device, to make it invisible to location services.Because of this bug, in fact, any attacker or thief could steal or find your iPhone, deactivate the service and make it impossible for you to recover or find your beloved smartphone.

The bug can be exploited on any device updated to iOS 7.0.4 by following a few simple steps involving changes in the iCloud settings section.

Here is a video that explains in detail how to disable Find My iPhone without knowing the password,realized byMacRumors, the site that first mentioned it.

Basically the bug is this:

  • Sign into the iCloud account on the phone.
  • Try changing the password.
  • Come back.
  • Return to the account and change the name of the description.
  • Confirm and return to iCloud.

At the end of these steps Find My iPhone is disabled.

Obviously if, as good practice would like, restrictions and account modification (including iCloud account) are enabled on the phone, this bug cannot be used.

As you can see, any thief or attacker can easilydisable Find My iPhone without knowing the passwordtaking advantage of this flaw.

It is important to clarify, however, that thebug not exploitable on devices with access code or Touch ID enabled, since to reach the settings area you need to unlock the terminal. However, this is a big problem that should not be underestimated.According to what is reported on the web, the bug can also be exploited on iPad.

Despite everything, there is good news: with iOS 7.1 the problem does not exist,a sign that the official update that Apple will soon release will solve the problem permanently.

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