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How to customize the "do not disturb" function on Android

Notifications can be distracting during a meeting or during study hours. Even when you are running errands and you are unable to answer the phone, the buzzing and flashing of notifications become annoying. To overcome this problem, all owners of Android smartphones can customize the settings for activating and deactivating the do not disturb function. All extremely easy, just follow the instructions below. First to see how to customize the do not disturb feature on android, we try to analyze the differences between silent, do not disturb and airplane mode.

The differences between silent, do not disturb and airplane mode

The three functions often generate doubts and are confused with each other. For example, how many times have you set one function over the other? I bet it will have happened to you at least once. But let's see what are the differences between the three functions that can be found on any Android device:

  • With the silent, the simplest function among the three, the phone's ringtone is completely reset, therefore no ring will be received for incoming calls, messages and other notifications;
  • With the do not disturb mode the result practically identical to the silent one but there is a subtle difference that leads to prefer this setting compared to the previous one: in this case the subject can choose the silent activation and deactivation times and can also create a sort of white list in which to enter the contacts for which the phone will regularly ring;
  • Finally, the airplane mode it differs totally from the first two because by activating this function the mobile device does not receive any signal, therefore as if it were turned off.

How to customize the do not disturb feature on Android

Let's see now how to configure the function do not disturb and above all how to customize it according to your needs.

  • First you need to go between Settings of the smartphone, select the voice sounds and then click on do not disturb;
  • At this point you will see a section for the planned rules and you will need to tap on add;
  • All that remains is set the relative parameters by choosing the days of the week in which you want the function to activate and deactivate automatically;
  • Then tap From and set the time when do not disturb mode will activate TO to select the time when the function is automatically deactivated;
  • Going back to the initial do not disturb menu you can set a sort of white list, which we talked about in the previous paragraph, choosing the contacts for which you want to exclude the operation of the function, thus allowing the device to ring and flash regularly.
  • Finally, another important change that can be set to the mode do not disturb the possibility of interrupting the same function for repeated callsthat is, if within three minutes two calls are received from the same number to the second the squiller phone regularly.Do not disturb Android

Do not disturb mode is one of the basic rules of devices with Android operating system, as long as you are using a phone with version 8.1 or later.

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