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How to clear Google Assistant history on Android GUIDE

Launched a few years ago, Google Assistant now become one of the most popular digital voice assistants, surpassing competitors Siri, Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. This is also due to its presence on iOS, as well as on Android.

Google Assistant: how to delete activity history

It tends and perform many actions through Google Assistant, including setting alarms, reminders, weather monitoring and more. Those who have a particular eye for privacy, however, may want to make Google do it do not keep record of all activities and the commands given on its servers. We will illustrate this in this guide how to delete the history of the activities related to the assistant.

Delete Google Assistant history through voice commands

possible delete the activity related to Google Assistant directly, through specific voice commands. To do this, you just need to:

  • Call the assistant with the command "Ok Google"Or"Hey Google";
  • Subsequently, it will be possible to give voice commands β€œdelete my last conversation", Or"delete today's business" or "delete this week's activity”Or month to remove the saved history based on your preferences.

Delete a specific activity

also possible delete a recently performed activity through Google Assistant. In this case you must:

  • Always call the assistant with the same voice commands mentioned above;
  • Scroll up in the conversation with the assistant, to open your previous interactions;
  • Now hold down for a long time on the conversation you want to delete, then touching the optionDelete group;

Google Assistant

  • Confirm the deletion to proceed with deleting your account history.

Delete the entire Google Assistant history

What time would you like instead delete the entire history of interactions with Google Assistant, you just have to:

  • Go to the settings the smartphone and touch the relative item to the Google Account;
  • From here select the itemAccount services, thereforeSearch, assistant and voice functions;

Google Assistant Google Assistant

  • On the page that opens, tapGoogle Assistant;
  • In the new screen, select now Your data in the assistant;

Google Assistant Google Assistant

  • Tap nowAssistant's activity, in the lower part of the box;

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant

  • In the activity search bar, touch the three dots vertically on the right and in the pop-up menu that opens, selectDelete activity for;

Google Assistant Google Assistant

  • SelectFrom the beginning in the new window, give then confirmation in the next to complete the operation.

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