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How to block unwanted calls and SMS on Android Guide

On how many occasions, perhaps during work or study, did you receive a phone call that made you lose focus and that you wanted to close immediately? But did you know that on the Google Play Store there are several apps that can put a brake onunwanted edSMS unwanted callsWithout getting lost in conversation, let's go together to find out what the best way to get rid of phone spam on your smartphone!

How to block unwanted calls and messages

Being a very widespread problem globally, apps for block calls and SMS on smartphone they are many and finding the one that best suits your needs is not always a simple operation. Among those listed below you can immediately find the best suitable for this purpose, without having to waste time wandering on the Play Store:

Truecaller – Identify and block

Truecaller: caller ID and spam blocker

Lets search contacts not present in the address book, identify in real time who is calling you for to block unwanted calls. It replaces the old address book with a more useful and intelligent one. You look for any number you want, both local and international, landline or mobile, by subscription or prepaid card.

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Calls Blacklist

When it comes to avoiding receiving unwanted phone calls and inappropriate messages on Android, Calls Blacklistsecond to none. How does it work? By setting the fixed-term contact blocking directly from the phone book or from the call log. And for numbers not entered in the phone book, you can type them manually.

Calls Blacklist - Block calls and SMS

The strength of the apprisiede in blockinganonymous callswithout too many frills. Of all the applications that we report the best, also because it does not have much impact on the battery life of the smartphone.

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Hiya: block and caller ID

Hiya: block and caller ID

Hiya: block and caller ID considered the best application to identify calls, block them and apply one spam protection. equipped with a database containing hundreds of millions of phone numbers, so you always know who is calling you and can decide whether to answer calls or block them directly.

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Whoscall – caller ID + block

Whoscall - caller ID + block

With Whoscall – caller ID + block you can immediately identify the source of calls and SMS, even if the number is not stored in the phone book. In addition, it also helps block specific numbers. The global database offers more than 600 million numbers, allowing you to filter all incoming calls and identifying spam numbers.

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Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection

It makes it easy to block unwanted calls, identify and block spam and search for unknown phone numbers. If you deem it appropriate, besides blocking unwanted calls on Android, you can also divert calls to voicemail.Mr. Number-Block calls & spam also able to block messages, with the opportunity to save the text of the refused SMS.

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