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Griffin PowerMate Magic wheel for X.

Griffin PowerMate Magic wheel for X. logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the release of PowerMate OS X 1.0b10 (761 KB) Griffin's small "button" device in elegant heavy metal, now also works in Apple's new operating system. The controls (inside System Preferences) of the PowerMate are customizable for each application (by default the sets for iTunes, iMovie and Internet Explorer are given where you can scroll the web pages in the vertical direction with a simple gesture on the PowerMate) and the functions of right wheel, left wheel, 1 click, double click , press + rotate right and finally press + rotate left can simulate a combination of keys, using a mini-keyboard on which to press the sequence (as seen in the figure that shows the blue light effect below, which varies depending on the movements, as well as flashing at the desired speed, when in sleep). Remember that the software is also available for Mac OS 9 (583 KB).

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