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Google, the second Developer Preview of Android 11 is official: all the improvements

marzo 19, 2020

Google has released its second Android 11 Developer Preview with several changes and improvements to the build. As the name suggests, the preview designed specifically for developers and many features / changes are aimed precisely at these users.

google developer preview 2 android 11

The second developer preview comes with a number of features, including an addition to the phone unlocking system through facial recognition who now gets the button "Request your eyes open". This means that the phone will not unlock if the eyes are not open, and an introduction that users had requested with great insistence after having encountered serious privacy issues.

Along with this, the second developer preview adds functionality such as the 5G API, the detection of the hinge angle for leaflets, the variable update frequency for apps and games and more. As for the 5G status API, this introduction allows users to check if they are on a new 5G network or on a non-autonomous network. Developers can use this feature to highlight the app's 5G experience when the user is logged in.

Google also introduced the automatic call screening feature for i Pixel 4, which allows users to know who is calling and why, even before answering the call. This feature has been enhanced by BigG, and call screening apps can now report a reason for refusal calls.

Also important is the variable refresh rate, which allows apps and games to set a preferred frame rate: a significant addition, given the growing number of devices with very high refresh rate screens.

The popular XDA developer forum also identified other changes and some further improvements with the second preview, such as the renewal of the Pixel Wallpaper app and the addition of a new "HD audio" for Bluetooth audio.

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