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Google Pixel 5 will not be a top of the range, and it is a good choice

marzo 19, 2020

Google Pixel 5 it may not be a top of the range, in fact, almost certainly it will not be. The latest specs surfaced on the Mountain View giant's next phone report that the smartphone will not have a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865as we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy S20.

google pixel 5 smartphone

Google Pixel 5 should in fact arrive on the market with a chip that is much closer to the mid-range, that is Snapdragon 765G, which (at least) a step below the Snapdragon 865, while continuing to offer 5G functionality. But bad news? Not at all, and not only for Google, but also for those who will buy the Pixel 5.

Until now, Google has used its Pixel phones for challenge the main flagships of Apple and Samsung, but in the vast majority of cases failed to break this duopoly. BigG did not succeed, but the other brands that had set these very ambitious goals did not succeed either: HTC is going through a very faded phase, for example, and also LG seems to be struggling a lot in the smartphone market, despite the excellent V60 ThinQ.

A medium or medium-high-end Pixel 5 would make much more sense for Google, because it would allow the company to offer customers a phone with good features at a price all in all still accessible. With this choice, the company would "duel" with OnePlus phones, especially with the upcoming 8 series of the Shenzhen company. A decision that analysts consider "very sensible".

However, some experts in the sector point out that the introduction of 5G functionality will necessarily lead to a price increase. We'll see what Google can do, which it seems not wanting to offer the Pixel 5 for more than $ 600 (more or less about 550 euros, editor's note), so as to make it remain at least 100 dollars less than the new iPhone that we will see in the autumn.

Source Tom's Guide