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Gesture Dial: iPhone calls using gestures

Gesture Dial: iPhone calls using gestures logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone shines for its ease of use, for its remarkable multimedia capabilities, for surfing the Web and much more, but no one can deny the relative laboriousness of the steps necessary to access the telephone functions. Even by setting the most used numbers in the Favorites, you need to turn on the screen, activate the telephone functions, finally choose a tap on the desired contact, a long procedure if compared to the speed dial numbers of any traditional mobile phone.

Gesture Dial is a small utility that brilliantly solves these problems. The program allows you to associate the gestures created by the user with any number stored in the address book, combining a specific function. So just activate the iPhone screen and slide with your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen to launch a call to our loved one, a diagonal gesture to launch the composition of an SMS to a friend, a gesture from left to right to automatically launch the composition of an email to our boss. The possible functions are unlimited and above all completely customizable by the user.

Gesture Dial indicated for iPhone but also works on iPhone and touch where it can be configured to automatically launch friends' websites or the composition of emails. Requires Firmware 2.0 and can be purchased for 0.79 cents from this App Store page.

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