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Geneva Sound Cinema 700 Watt, the most powerful iPod dock on the market

Few devices and peripherals are able to impress professionals, accustomed to chewing news, performance increases and high technology over and over a day. Geneva Sound Cinema is one of those devices that manages to surprise even the most disillusioned editor with integrated features and ideas, simply by consulting the press release or the technical specifications. First of all, with its 700 watts output Geneva Sound Cinema, the most powerful iPod dock available on the market today.

To achieve this firepower, the Geneva engineers have integrated 4 woofers, 4 tweeters and a 12-inch subwoofer into a single lacquered wooden cabinet, all managed by a 7-channel digital amplifier. So it is not surprising to learn that the "small" weighs just under 100 kilos, to be exact 98 and that the measures (1.68 meters long by 49 centimeters high) make it not a piece of furniture but one of the elements fundamentals of the living room of the (few) lucky users who can install it in their own home. This is precisely the objective of the manufacturer.

In our living rooms the Nintendo GameCube replaced by the Wii and the Xbox 360, the cathode ray tube TV gives way to plasma and LCD flat screens, while the Blu-ray discs slowly replace the familiar DVDs. All these devices and future versions or substitutes that will arrive on the market are located inside the Geneva Sound Cinema, in a special compartment on the right and made more discreet by a door. Once installed here the console, the BD player or the receiver for digital terrestrial, are all connected to the audio system and moreover all managed by the only remote control supplied with the system. The solution as well as being fascinating for home theater enthusiasts seems to be also highly appreciated by other family members who thus see the disappearance of wires and various speakers scattered around the house.

Geneva Sound Cinema takes advantage of the patented EmbracingSound technology which, the manufacturer ensures, allows you to play music, special effects and soundtracks with the same enveloping sound as the intrusive home theater systems that are popular. In addition to being the most powerful iPod Audio Dock on the market, Geneva Sound Cinema integrates a CD, CD-R / RW player that can also read MP3 media, offers an integrated radio and inline input for consoles, PCs DVD players and so on. The included universal remote control: allows you to easily manage all the devices connected to the Geneva, including the iPod.

Geneva Sound Cinema is one of the flagship products offered in Italy by the Sounders distributor who developed the Slow-Tech concept: easy-to-use, friendly and long-lasting technology. The audio dream costs 3,199 euros and for those who do not want to get lost in the installation or want to be sure that everything is done in a workmanlike manner, with a surcharge of 300 euros it is possible to have home delivery, installation by expert staff , including a tailor-made audio check.