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Gates and Ballmer among Microsoft witnesses

Gates and Ballmer among Microsoft witnesses logomacitynet1200wide 1

Excellent witnesses for the Microsoft trial. In the past few hours, Redmond has hinted that Bill Gates and current CEO Steve Ballmer will also be among those who will stand in favor of the fate of the window company. The hearings to fix remedies to prevent the illegal exercise of the monopoly by Microsoft will be held starting March 4. In that context, the agreement between Microsoft and the Justice Department will first have to be examined, then (starting from March 11), states that do not accept that mediation will enter the scene. Theoretically, Judge Kollar-Kottelly could reject the agreement and call everything into question. Microsoft's witnesses are expected to appear in the second phase and among these should be Ballmer and Gates, but also Jim Allchin, head of the Windows sector; Linda Averett, of the Windows Digital Media Platform Division; Chris Jones, from the Windows client division and many others. States should introduce James Barksdale who had been CEO of Netscape.

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