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G.Patrimonio and 7Parole, two new WebApps on iMaio

Despite the large amount of applications on the App Store, we must never forget that there are always WebApps, which can be consulted via the iPhone and iPod touch browser.

Among the last and most interesting we can remember iMaio, a real framework dedicated to multitouch devices of the Apple developed by Pasquale Maio. Two different applications are now available within iMaio.

The first G.Patrimonio, an app dedicated to managing your expenses, ideal for those accustomed to numerous expenses of various kinds. Thanks to the program it will be possible to report daily income and expenses, without ever losing sight of your budget.


The second application, on the other hand, is a nice game called 7Parole, a puzzle challenge in which the aim is to identify seven different words within a main matrix, all in the shortest possible time. It will also be possible to observe the results of the fastest users.


To use the iMaio Apps, completely free, just register for the service on