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FaceTwin and TwinTwin: search for the photo on iPod touch and iPhone

FaceTwin and TwinTwin: search for the photo on iPod touch and iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Instead of using a deck of cards now the classic memory game can be even more fun and practically offer endless games drawing on the vast repertoire of Facebook images. Instead of the hole cards on a table on the iPhone and touch screen, a series of icons with rounded edges are displayed. When we touch one with a tap of the finger, the icon rotates and shows an image taken from Facebook, usually a face, a group photo with several people but also mascots, puppets and much more.

There is no limit to the type of images and subjects taken because FaceTwin draws from Facebook's vast repertoire. To renew the repertoire of images to play with just shake our paperback and new "fresh" images are downloaded from the Web. When we pass a level by matching all the cards equal two by two, in the next level a higher number of cards is always displayed more often rotated and also completely inverted. A fun and decidedly very, very varied pastime. FaceTwin available in the free but limited version FaceTwin Lite downloadable from here. For those who never tire of seeing new faces, the full version offered at the price of 79 cents starting from this App Store page.

From the same developers we also remember Twittwin, in all respects identical to Facetwin examined up to this point, only that the images are downloaded from Twitter. Also for Twittwin available the free and limited Lite version starting from here, or the full version proposed at 0.79 euro starting from this App Store page.

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