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Facebook will reduce the visibility of news considered unreliable

marzo 19, 2020

Facebook has recently tested several methods, in order to combat the phenomenon of false news. Not all of them have been successful, even obtaining a result contrary to the desired one. By marking the news as false in fact, the social network has pushed users convinced of the truthfulness of the news, to share it more. The social cos, has decided to adopt one new strategy, to reduce visibility to untrusted news.

Facebook will use AI to speed up the recognition of possible fake news

As stated by Facebook to the newspaper ofTechCruch, the team intends to decrease the "visual prominence" of the news branded as untrusted, reducing the size of the preview, accompanied by a brief description of the news. On the contrary, news judged as reliable and with an accurate description, will be able to enjoy a larger and more visible preview.

The goal, as can be understood, is to decrease the probability that users notice fake news by scrolling through their feed, with the aim that they always come less noticed. The Facebook team is also simultaneously improving the ability to identify that type of news. Through AI automatic learning in fact, it is possible to speed up the control of articles shared and marked as false, prioritizing those reported by human reviewers.


Using AI technology should not only save Facebook time, but also increase the likelihood that reviewers will find fake news in the first place, decreasing at the same time possible false positives.

Facebook believes that its joint efforts (including the commitment to remove fake accounts, penalizing inappropriate pages), can reduce the spread of fake news 80%. Having said that, all that remains is to verify effectiveness "on the field". This strategy can indeed work with careless users, while several readers may immediately notice the penalty.

This however, illustrate the intentions that Facebook wants to undertake, that is to fight the spread of false news, but at the same time allow a certain one freedom of speech, not completely blocking content, unless absolutely necessary. In our opinion, a fairly fair and thoughtful choice.

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