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Facebook Analytics: the app for companies arrives on the PlayStore

Shortly before the great conference "F8", held annually by the company of Paolo Alto, he comes launched on the appstore Android and iOS the new app Facebook Analytics. Intended for pages belonging to companies, the application can provide detailed reports on user activity, in order to better optimize relationships and earnings.

Facebook Analytics will allow companies to monitor the catchment area in detail

Facebook Analytics helps to have a framework regarding customer engagement or users about their social page. The service we can offer insights on demographics, on the use of apps and more, and can even send push notifications when significant anomalies occur regarding user activity.

Facebook Analytics

The app will warn you for example, if you have experienced a period of higher sales than usual, or if a certain demographic spends more time and money in your services.

The Facebook Analytics platform can also generate reports based on the activity of various demographic data, customer loyalty and lifetime value, or the expected profits based on customer relations.

Facebook Analytics

also present a function of automated learning, able to bring out relevant information when necessary. The feature for currently still in beta and may not yet be available for all companies.

Facebook Analytics represents an attempt by the company to increase confidence in return on investment that companies get from the social network, convincing them to invest more on ads and content. Thanks to the detailed information provided by the application, it is possible maximize efficiently loyalty, earnings and the service offered, based on the behavior of the catchment area.

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