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Everything we know about the new iPad Pro

The latest rumors: in addition to the USB-C port, a new keyboard and Apple Pencil will arrive

(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)

Very little is missing when the new iPad Pro Apple, and as usual when the launch date of a new product made in Cupertino approaches (the presentation should take place already in October) the indiscretions about it begin to become more insistent and detailed. He has the latest news reported 9to5Mac, whose sources have first confirmed that 10.5 and 12.9-inch versions of the gadget should be arriving with wi-fi connectivity or the wi-fi + lte combination, for a total of four variants.

It seems confirmed that the display will be of type edge to edge, that is, that they will have particularly small frames but at the same time will have no notch as on iPhone X and later; the Face ID facial recognition components will in fact be housed within the few square millimeters made available by the frame and to be precise on one of the shorter sides of the device. Contrary to what emerged from previous rumors, the technology is supposed to work even with the device arranged horizontally.

One of the most significant news concerns the content of the display, which could be transmitted to an external screen compatible with the hdmi standard through a usb-c port that make its own debut on new devices. The gadget is thus definitively nominated as a moving productivity tool: the transmitted signal will in fact be 4K hdr, which will make the device suitable not only for watching movies and TV series on large screens, but also for connecting to work monitors.

Accessories such as covers and keyboards will connect via a new type of connector magnetic, which takes place on the back of the device instead of on the edge. This means that a new edition of the Smart Keyboard is coming, but not only: one will be presented together with the new iPads renewed edition of Apple Pencil, of which not many details have been leaked but which we know can be associated with the tablets simply by approach.


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