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Electro Fork, the fork that simulates salt with electricity

LaTokyo University has developed Electro Fork, an electric fork that promises to lower the use of salt in the kitchen through a technological solution. The electric fork capable of using electricity as a salt substitute.

On the one hand, the Electro Fork able to stimulate the user's tongue with the right frequencies, so as to make those who are enjoying the dish perceive an effect similar to that which would be added by adding salt to food. In addition, thanks always to electricity, Electro Fork able to enhance the acidity, flavor and texture of the food, improving its characteristics.

Unfortunately, at the moment this technology is useful only to simulate salty: those who also hoped for dessert for the moment must put the taste buds in peace. Electro Fork is part of a Tokyo University project, No Salt Restaurant, which aims to decrease the use of salt at the table. Excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, which in turn can cause heart problems and stroke .

The No Salt Restaurant was born with the aim of restoring even those suffering from high blood pressure the opportunity to taste savory foods once again, without negative effects on their health. The project has recently undergone a successful trial period at a restaurant in Tokyo on March 24th. The venue offered a five-course salt-free meal consisting of a salad, pork ribs, fried rice, meatloaf and cake. Starting from April the project will continue its experimentation.

Electro Fork