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EgoFitness 1.3: personal trainer from champions on iPhone and touch

EgoFitness 1.3: personal trainer from champions on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

We forget the usual repetitive training schedule that is no longer able to stimulate our muscles and even our interest, improvised diets and exercises performed approximately. The EgoFitness program transforms iPhone / touch into a real personal, complete and competent trainer: already described by Macitynet now available in the new version 1.3. The software divided into four main sections: training, muscle map, nutrition and the new mental sport. Depending on the sex, age, weight and our personal preferences regarding the type of training and muscle groups, EgoFitness offers an infinite series of always different and stimulating training tables. All the algorithms integrated into the program have been created based on the knowledge and advice of Leo Caminotto, Italian bodybuilding multiple champion, two-time European champion and deputy Mister Universe.

For each exercise, EgoFitness reports the number of sets and repetitions, the pause times with a stopwatch so as not to lose the rhythm. In addition to acting as a real training partner, the software can always offer different workouts, personalized by mixing the 140 exercises in memory. For each one available, a video showing the correct execution, shooting and exercise were obviously supervised by Leo Caminotto. In addition to calculating the body mass index, you can keep track of weight changes, store your favorite workouts and tables. Egofitness completed by a complete map of the muscles, by a series of tips for slimming diets or to increase muscle mass, finally the new section dedicated to sports psychology, to always get the most out of each workout.

EgoFitness works on iPhone and touch and is offered at a price of 2.99 euros starting from this App Store page. At the bottom of this article we insert a YouTube movie that illustrates how the program works.

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