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Doosl DSIT006 review, the in-ear headphones that sound like the EarPods

Bluetooth in headphones, although it eliminates cable clutter, is not always the best solution for all occasions, perhaps because you don't want to depend on the battery that could run out at any moment, because the old and trusted MP3 player, far from the times of wireless technology, he still has some cards to play, or more simply because he is still attracted by the taste of connecting the jack to start training, a walk in the city or the more general listening to good music without thoughts scattered on the sofa.

In these cases, a pair of headphones like the Doosl DSIT006 that our editors have tested in recent days can be useful, capable of being appreciated for their simplicity and sound quality in relation to the price for which they are offered.

Doosl DSIT006 review

How they are made

Sold inside an ecological cardboard packaging, now common to most of the products of this category available on Amazon, they are simply accompanied by the guarantee sheet and by a set of grommets and interchangeable flaps of sizes M and L, larger than the size versions S already mounted on the headphones.

Just slide the cable in your hand to realize that these headphones have a lot in common with Apple's EarPods, starting from the jack connector, then passing through the sheath of the cable, rubberized in the same way, up to the remote control, of which some faithfully imitates shape and size, including the microphone symbol printed on the back, to remind us that these headphones have one to be used in the management of phone calls.

Doosl DSIT006 review

Except for the color, a dark gray is also identical to the clip that holds the headphones together to keep them in order when they will be stored in a bag or in a trouser pocket, while the cable of the same shade of gray as the EarPods , the famous lunar gray chosen by Jobs to replace pure white, not loved by the founder of Apple.

Where they differ from the headphones that we find included in the iPod and iPhone in the earphones, in the specific case of the in-ear type and equipped with flaps for greater stability of the headphones when used in sports activities. On the joint that holds them firmly to the cable, from the external side, the letter L (left) is printed in relief to recognize the left cap from the right one, where instead the letter R (right) is printed.

Doosl DSIT006 review

The whole case of the earphones in rigid plastic of good quality, of the same gray as the cable clip, the in-ear rubber instead of white-transparent while the lugs are of a flashy orange, a choice that clashes with everything else and that, if it had been white or gray, it would certainly have made the headphones simpler and more visually linear.

It must be said that the fins are not mandatory as if it is true that their purpose is to increase the stability of the ear in the ear, they can be safely removed without the design excessively highlighting the lack: there will only be a groove, put there to improve its adhesion , to remember that something is missing from the appeal.

At first glance, however, the headphones seem to be made to last a long time: the icing on the cake is the metal protection of the drivers which are often made of plastic in similar products and in the same price range.

How are they doing

With these good premises, we did not hesitate very much to immediately put them to the test to find out how they behave and comparing them with the EarPods, which we brought out precisely for the aesthetic comparison above. For our audience, Apple headphones are in fact a good evaluation parameter as we all have a pair and we can therefore easily get an idea of ​​the product we are presenting.

We therefore listened to some of our inevitable songs in the iPod library alternating between headphones and we can say that the Doosl DSIT006 perform very well. In general they offer the same audio quality, with bass present and perfectly equalized with the other frequencies. To our ear the medium-high frequencies were only slightly clearer, a feature that is certainly appreciated with songs sung and that in fact does not make the experience of instrumental audio tracks less pleasant.

Doosl DSIT006 review

As for the volume instead they do slightly better than the EarPods, playing a little louder for the same volume (roughly we had to lower two notches on the iPhone to get the same volume as the Apple headphones): it follows that it is possible to push them a little further , without obvious distortions of the audio stream.

Another point in favor of the in-ear conformation that facilitates isolation from external noise, a feature that is appreciated in the home or in the gym, less if they are accompanied by a move by car or a walk in the city, where it is essential to always keep an ear watchful about what surrounds us.

Doosl DSIT006 review

In our opinion, the fins lose some of their effectiveness due to the particular conformation: they are in fact very thin and the silicone that composes them is rather flexible. In fact yes, they make them slightly more stable in the ear, but not to the point of making us shout at the miracle as instead has already happened with similar headphones that instead offered this same component in a more aerodynamic and more functional form for the purpose.

Identical to the EarPods also the remote control that, as anticipated, not only faithfully imitates its design, but also the operation: pressing it up or down will adjust the volume, a click in the center stops / restarts the music playback or responds / hangs up on an incoming call: here too, the microphone does its duty, proving to be up to the comparison and guaranteeing clear and precise communication. Let's not forget that with the double click of the button you will go to the next song and with three clicks you will go back to the previous one, while a long press of a few seconds will call Siri back.

Doosl DSIT006 review


To buy them or not to buy them? For the price for which they are offered, you can think about it, especially if the goal is to buy a pair of in-ear headphones with 3.5 mm jack cable and a quality, sound and materials, very close to that of the EarPods Apple


– Remarkable sound quality – Good soundproofing – Cable design strongly inspired by Apple EarPods – Protection of metal drivers


– The flaps are not very functional

Retail price

The Doosl DSIT006 are on sale on Amazon for 16.90 euros. Given the comparison with the Apple headphones that we continued during the course of the review, remember that EarPods are on sale on the Apple Store online for 35 euros while the version with in-ear headphones ear costs 89 euros.

Doosl DSIT006 review