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Do you own a car? Here are the 5 best applications to use behind the wheel

marzo 19, 2020

With the summer almost upon us, many begin to look for excellent opportunities to travel; many Italians rely on their faithful car to move around and never leave it alone. Whether you are a novice driver or not, you will find the following best appscar to be installed on your smartphone to make your driving experience unique!

Do you own a car? These apps are for you!

Vehicles – Car and motorbike management

a really useful app that allows you to manage cars, motorcycles, quads, minicars, campers and heavy vehicles independently and simply from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Vehicles - Car and motorbike management

The software allows you to easily, organized and quickly manage the costs of the vehicles in your possession, dividing all the various deadlines of each means of transport. The application has a summary screen to be able to check all the deadlines and costs relating to vehicles. Everything will be synchronized with the website

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Android Auto

Android Auto: Google Maps, media and calls

an application developed by Google itself that allows you to connect the new vehicles they support Android Auto with smartphones equipped with Android 5.0+. To get started, simply connect the device to the car's USB socket. With Android Auto you will be able to view the most useful apps of your smartphone on the vehicle screen in an immediate and legible way.

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Automobile Magazine News

Automobile News & Reviews

If you are passionate about cars then this app could be for you. Automobile Magazine News makes it possible to dive in news, people, stories, engineering and general industry activities. All this allowing you to share videos and photos of cars, but not only, with friends and family via e-mail with just one click.

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Speed ​​Cameras!

Speed ​​Cameras!

The most downloaded in its category for the real-time detection of speed cameras. Speed ​​Cameras! informs you of the real presence of: fixed and mobile speed cameras, tutors, controlled traffic lights, Celeritas for detecting the average speed.There is also support for the Vergilius system, recently introduced for detecting average speed and dangerous areas. >>>> Find out which are the best Speed ​​Camera and Tutor apps

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Torque Pro (OBD2 / Auto)

Torque Pro (OBD2 / Auto)

Finally, we find, perhaps, the most useful car appa must have on your smartphone. It allows you to see in real time what the machine does and get i OBD error codes, car performance, sensor data and much more. can use the GPS to provide the logs to record everything so you can see what you were doing and anytime.

A moment not finished here! If you need a spare part for your machine, as there is no special app yet, we recommend a site: Autoparts.

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