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Disney + preview on iPhone and iPad: here's what we will see from March 24th

After examining the preview of the Disney + iPhone and iPad apps that will soon be available on the Italian App Store, we have resolved a doubt: the annual subscription required of 59.99 (or 69.99 after March 24) has an equivalent in wealth of content and news? The answer is absolutely seen that for the cost of a day at the cinema with a family of 4 (including popcorn) you have a lot of films, series, documentaries to fill evenings and weekends for years.

But the focus of this article is not so much on the content as on the container: are the iOS and iPadOS apps easy to navigate? Comfortable and efficient? Is it possible to access the flood of present contributions with simplicity? In the night between 16 and 17 March we surfed extensively on the screens of both a recent iPhone and an iPad.

The Disney + App on iPad

We must first say that we are fortunate to work with a 12.9 iPad Pro and therefore the screens you will see are a bit dilated compared to a standard size iPad but users will face a well-organized explosion of titles in the main sections where the structured Disney + proposal, that is Disney | Pixar! Marvel! Star Wars and National Geographic but there is no shortage of Fox content, (recently purchased by Disney) as the first season of the Simpsons.

(Disclaimer) in reality at this point we owe you a clarification: as the Disney + catalog for Italy has not yet been officially released, the contents you see in the screens are those available in Holland and they all have covers in English; we cannot be sure that everything you see will already be ready in our country and in our language. The same interface that you see not translated into Italian but as said this is a preview and we are more interested in showing you the possibility of navigation. However, we have checked in many prominent titles and, also in Holland, both audio and subtitles are available in our language, first of all the expected Mandalorian. (end Disclaimer)

If by clicking on the big entertainment brands we go directly to their production by scrolling the main screen downwards that we find recommended films based on our viewing history (similarly to what happens for Netflix), Global news, Keep watching, Related, Comedies, Hit Global, Trendy, Collections etc ..

The Collections section is particularly interesting because it brings together films linked together and series linked to films, revealing a universe of productions which, for example in the case of Marvel superheroes, are not limited to the Blockbuster of the big screen but also to the series of cartoons that have been they have alternated on TV in recent years and represents an enormous excursus in the Nerd culture that will make happy not only fans of children's films but also the most adults on the hunt for multi-verse interpretative characters of Stan Lee and beautiful company.

Described the Home page on iPad which will be more or less similar also for the app on Apple TV and on many smart TVs, we pass a Research which has a menu in its own right and an obvious operation: we tried to use the term "Italy" and we were informed of the Disney films that have scenes shot in our country or Timon and the films of the Lion King and the episodes arrived on time of the cartoon series of Timon and Pumba, finally with the term Jabba (The Hut) all the StarWars films were released which included the slimy character among the co-stars …

The third menu is that of Downloads, super welcome area since, especially on iPad, you can use the contents on the go to keep the little ones quiet or in the case of fans of TV series and cartoons to watch them away from the TV at home. Lapp correctly reports the free space on the device, the weight of the contents and the possibility of downloading them in three different Bit Rate in order to balance the quality of vision with the space available on the device. Obviously there is a voice to quickly delete the contents already viewed.

The fourth menu is that of Profile in which you can decide whether to add other users and limit their viewing based on your preferences and preferences. It should be noted that even the apparently most innocuous films and shorts have a very precise classification and if, for example, in a movie visible to a six-year-old child there is a scene of a threatening storm, this is reported as the presence of an element that induces fear: beyond the educational choices proper to each parent, it seems to us a correct system not to expose ultra-sensitive children (think of autistic profiles) to elements of stress.

In any case, if you choose the interface for kids in the profile, the main menu will completely change and you will find yourself in front of the Disney production focused on children and contents certainly suitable for an age of less than 12 years (chosen to be honest, very prudent but for more anxious parents better to be on the safe side). The downloads are also selected accordingly in the general archive.

Below the main interface with the content selected for children: content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel …

In the profile we can also choose how to manage the viewing of the streaming and the download according to the internet connection and this, especially when used by the little ones, guarantees that the credit limit of our mobile subscription data is not consumed by pressing the download button. a whole series of cartoons during a trip.

There is another interesting button: at the top of the screen on the left of the one that activates subtitles and changes language and allows the transmission of Airplay Video (and Audio): in this way both from iPad and iPhone you can "transmit" the film or cardboard animated that you watch in streaming or that you have recorded on your device directly on Apple TV or on an Airplay-enabled TV (LG, Sony etc) even if you do not have an Internet connection but only Wi-Fi. You can also use the iPad screen for close-up and quality viewing and an Airplay 2 system to have audio in sync with greater power than the internal ones of the tablet.

Disney + on iPhone

Below are some screens of the iPhone interface. The progression of access to content is the same as the search and we have reported two "questions" about main and secondary characters with the related results. In the last images you will find the information sheet of the single contribution with the direct download buttons and the check to insert it among your favorite contents.

In the next few hours we will discover other details of Disney +, in the meantime, we refer you to the article on how to see the new streaming service on all platforms.