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Discovering Google Fi: technology, coverage, tariffs

marzo 19, 2020

What is a hotspot? A Wi-Fi hotspot a configuration that allows a wireless access point but connected to the network; for example, do you often work on the go? Currently, the hotspot mode offers you the possibility to make sure that the data traffic is conveyed through the smartphone, within the limits allowed by your operator for coverage and connectivity: Google Fi it guarantees both, without any limit, allowing your device to switch from one telephone network to another, exploiting the most powerful signal.

Google Fi coverage

The innovation introduced by Google, on the other hand, allows you to use both the Wi-Fi networks available in the area and the mobile networks of any operator. Google Fi, as a telephone operator, the Wi-Fi hotspot that renews the world of connectivity, offering users calls, SMS and Internet connection.

Google Fi

The idea of ​​the Mountain View company, born under the name of Project Fi, was to involve the most important telephony operators in a partnership; in this way users would have had an adequate connection, anytime and anywhere. In the States, Google Fi reality, and offers users the availability of a secure and private network with the VPN structure and with the connection that does not rely on the classic telephone antennas but works thanks to a Wi-Fi hotspot system, based on the data connection.

The browsing speed guaranteed by Google, as you can take advantage of the best possible network coverage, having the ability to automatically switch from one operator to another, with the guarantee of data protection via VPN, guaranteed by Google.

Discovering a new hotspot: Google Fi

THE enabled devices, which you can use with Google Fi, are: Android, supported at least by Android 7 with LTE between 2 and 4, and iPhone, with iOS 11 system or more advanced (beta). The one developed for Google Fi is an intelligent technology that allows you to connect between the Wi-Fi network and the 4G LTE network (Long Term Evolution), the fastest of the networks available in the place where you are with your smartphone. The service will soon be available also in Europe and in Italy, where it will use the lines of operators based on their efficiency; but this also depends on the agreements that will exist between the telephone operators and on the decisions of the Guarantor for Communications.

Google Fi rates

Debuting in the mobile phone market like MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), Google has introduced tariffs that, at least in the United States of America market, are revolutionary, considering that consumers have to pay more substantial amounts, especially for mobile data traffic. In the US, Google Fi has set up a base rate of $ 20 per month, which comprises:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited messages
  • Low cost international calls
  • Unlimited international messages
  • Wi-Fi tethering

Furthermore, with regard to the Mobile Internet service, each GB consumed has a cost of 10 dollars per month up to 6 GB and 60 dollars up to 20 GB; in practice, it starts from a basic rate of $ 30 a month that can go up to $ 120, without any contractual obligation; in addition, taxes, which account for 10 20% of the monthly cost, must be calculated separately. For its customers, Google provides a mechanism that allows them to use, during the following month, the traffic they have not used, through a credit in dollars; therefore they pay for the traffic actually consumed in the month. Google has also released a statement of the costs to be incurred, for interested users to access the Google Fi service in Italy:

  • 20 cents per minute for voice calls
  • $ 10 each GB used for data traffic, on 3G network, at 256 Kbps
  • Unlimited SMS


In the States, Google Fi has been successful; it will take time for it to take off in Europe and in Italy, where the procedure for obtaining the necessary authorizations has already been started; of course, knowing that you can take advantage of a private line even outside your home represents a very interesting prospect for data protection, combined with the possibility of having a single subscription that will allow you to access both the Wi-Fi networks available in the area and to the mobile ones of any operator: a real revolution!

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