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Digital image: the CDI experience with Apple products.

Digital image: the CDI experience with Apple products. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple and ColorSync are two fundamental names for the CDI – Center for Digital Imaging which provides digital solutions for all image management processes. The first time that Apple spoke of CDI on the occasion of the work carried out for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On this occasion we analyze the CDI experience with Pentagram Design (where Macs are present in large quantities) and how, taking full advantage of technologies such as ColorSync, FireWire and AppleScript on the PowerMac G4 supplied, they helped them to make the best their digital archiving works. On this occasion CDI suggested to Pentagram (which not only used these directives for the New York offices but also intends to export them to three other locations) the following solutions: Photoshop, iView MediaPro, SilverFast, Portfolio (soon version 6), ProPhotoRGB, Toast, PowerFile C200, ProfileMaker, Monitor Spyder, PowerLook, Super Coolscan 2000 and iPhotoArchive developed by CDI.CDI has iPhotoArchive developed, a system that automates long and tedious processes for cataloging and storing images in an orderly manner on CD / DVD media.iPhotoArchive is based on the excellent iView MediaPro, with which just yesterday, we inaugurated our new FotoDigi site, with the first article in a long series. Appreciate the quality of this QTVR (1.2 MB) made by CDI.

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