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Coronavirus, a young man reported while playing Pokemon Go on the street

A 31 year old from the province of Como was wandering with his tablet chasing Pokemon, intercepted by the carabinieri, he produced certification without the need to go out on the street

Very often we are faced with situations where the question … but why? Although they have been registered several episodes of non-compliance the restrictive regime imposed during the coronavirus epidemic, that of the 31 year old caught in Como while play Pokemon Go on the street beats them all. The player was arrested and reported by the police while he was wandering without authorization, regardless of the ban on leaving the house imposed by the quarantine.

Smartphones controlled in times of coronavirus, if you leave the house they detect the cells

The patrol had stopped the unwary player in San Fermo and when asked to show the self-certification required to certify the movements, the agents were presented with a sheet where the man justified his exit saying "having to hunt Pokmon".Once the thirty-year-old was unable to justify for necessary needs the move, the agents of the patrol of the mobile radio haveformalized a complaintwhich will include, among other things, onefine up to 206 eurosfor not respecting the ban on leaving the house due to a proven need.

Pokemon Go during Coronavirus, now easier to play from home

Pokemon Go during Coronavirus

Yet in recent days given the situation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic,Niantic, the company that develops the game, had chosen to increase the number of characters that can be found without going around streets and parks. In addition, the developers have put on the store the incense that attracts Pokemon at a discounted price extending the duration of their duration. The popular game in augmented reality is therefore well adapted to the new anti-contagion indications and, precisely to avoid situations of impossibility to play on the street, he decided to change, even temporarily, some rules.

So momentarily, and hopefully in the short term, finding some of the bizarre creatures of the Niantic game will be easy even from your own home, without the risk of getting complaints against you for futile reasons. And we are really talking about a game …