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Convert DVDs from our collection to always have them at hand …

Many of us love to collect physical copies of their favorite films. In the digital age, it may seem unusually of the past but a true lover of cinema always has his film in the DVD classic, perhaps placed in plain sight inside dedicated bulletin boards. Our DVDs are very precious, they are for subjects partly to wear and partly to the problem of the medium, which in an ever more fluid and digital age makes it a little cumbersome to exploit them with the same pleasure we once felt.

In particular, the problem arises in the Androidian world. In fact, many users want to see their collection of films on their mobile devices, perhaps comfortably in bed, or traveling around the world. Here the DVD retires in favor of streaming and digital content. But if we already own a film, why should we buy it again to see it on ours smartphone and ours Tablet?

Simply, not necessary, just arm yourself with patience and start convert your DVD collection to MKV file or in other formats supported by the player we use.

Convert DVD test to MKV using Movavi

To do this you will need to use the software Movavi, of which you find more here details.

Using this simple app, it will be possible to immediately start converting our beloved DVDs to MKV format and, subsequently, to the formats that best suit us.

The conversion will take place quickly and easily and we will find ourselves with the possibility of uploading our video files to the most diverse devices, storing them in SD cards and so on. Naturally illegal to share the files obtained, which must necessarily be kept for personal use for backup purposes.

Our DVD collection will finally be available at all times, without the need to use a player or to necessarily see the films we love on PC or on a TV screen.

Backup against time

Creating backup versions of our DVDs is also a good idea for a conservation issue. First of all, DVDs could be damaged, fall to the ground, scratch. C then the time factor think of the end that made the poor VHS and its readers. Who knows that one day our beautiful collection will not therefore become antique material and our DVDs impossible to see except the recovery of old players.

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